Sisko Skin

Simply a NPC for the demo...

Who said a demo can't be mod? :) :D


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Simply a NPC for the demo...

Who said a demo can't be mod? :) :D

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Unzip the file 'sisko.pk3' to the folder 'base' in your Elite Force 2 directory.

Then you have to load the game with cheats are enabled. You can either do this by adding the 'set developer 1' command to the shortcut:

example: "C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Elite Force II Single Player Demo\EF2.exe" +set developer 1

Or you can add the command   seta developer "1"   to the config file.

When you are in a map use the following command to spawn the Sisko NPC:

spawn models/char/starfleet_sisko.tik



Skin name	: Captain Sisko

Created by	: Lucas van Horck (HorckDude)

Released on	: 7/5/2003

Singleplayer npc	: Yes

Holomatch skin	: No

Development time	: A few hours, including all the troubles of using the new texture format for the first time.

Software used	: Photoshop + dds-plugin, Paint Shop Pro, Pakscape.



I am an Elite Force 1 modder for quite some time now and when the Elite Force 2 demo was released I loved it and wanted to start modding for it immediately. After I discovered how to spawn models and npcs (non-playing-characters: the models of characters in the game) I decided to create a new NPC based on the Picard skin. A fellow bald captain from my favorite Star Trek series, DS9: Captain Benjamin Lafayette Sisko. :)

Ofcourse the skin is based on the Dominion War era when Sisko was bald and wore a new uniform.



Most credits go to The Prophet for this skin. He created the original Sisko skin for EF1 and I used his skin to create this one.

Then I'd like to thank Superrobster and CMcQ for testing the skin and Superrobster again for hosting it first on

Furthermore I'd like to thank the entire Elite Force community of which I'm greatful to be part of for nearly 2 years now, in particular everybody I worked with on various EF projects: the SpaceStation K7 crew, the Enterprise NX-01 mod team, the DS9: Balance of Power members and everyone who helped me on the short-lived Dax mod.

And ofcourse I thank Ritual Entertainment for giving us a brilliant sequel to Elite Force, Raven Software for the original Elite Force, Avery Brooks for playing a wonderful Benjamin Sisko, Ira Steven Behr and the entire DS9 writing staff for making Sisko such a cool character and finally our Gene Roddenberry for creating Star Trek.



More stuff of mine can be found on my website including my EF1 map Daedalus.

Also you can find links to the websites of the mods I'm working on: DS9 Balance of Power, TOS Season 4 and Enterprise NX-01.



If you have any questions or problems concerning this npc feel free to contact me.

E-mail	:

ICQ	: 60619585




You can distribute this skin as long as I'm given the proper credit. Please do not change the pk3 file for further distribution and do not remove this readme file.

If you want to use anything in the pk3 for your own creation you MUST ask for my permission first.


Lucas van Horck  aka  HorckDude

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