Sniper Multi-Clan Pak

The long awaited skin pack from Vito has finally arrived. This pack is especially important because this is the first pack he has released....


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File Description

The long awaited skin pack from Vito has finally arrived. This pack is especially important because this is the first pack he has released. A lot of time and effort obviously went into its creation. Now, that being said, time to review.

The pack consists of 15 different pairs of skins (male/female) reserved for each clan, and 1 set for public use. Now, I know that it takes a lot of time and energy to create this many skins but I must say I am a bit disappointed as a whole. The actual pk3 file takes up 3.45 MB of space for which you are asked to only use two skins. For those of you who are unaware of file sizes, this is a good portion of space for only two available skins. I personally do not mind having these skins on my hard drive to acknowledge all the different clans, but not everyone may agree.

The concept for these skins is very basic but executes itself flawlessly. They are primarily black with only the eyes, gear and breasts visible. For such a simple idea, they pull off a really cool “black ops” type style. Two disappointing aspects of their design are: #1 The team colors may as well not exist. They are barely more visible than the regular skin. This is extremely annoying for those of us that play CTF because we are forced to fire on anyone whom we can’t identify their team color. #2 And maybe this isn’t a bad thing, but every male skin and every female skin is exactly the same for each clan. The only thing that differentiates one from another is a small badge on the wrist indicating the clan.

One cool feature of all of these skins is that each one has nine separate taunts. The taunts are extremely good quality and very creative. They transition very well with the theme of the skins. All of the taunts are the same for the male skins as well as the female skins have the same taunts. This is to be expected, as if Vito had customized 9 taunts apiece for 32 skins, we could expect his grandchildren to be releasing this skin pack.

Overall this is a good skin pack, especially for a first go. If I could change only one thing, I would have him rework the team colors. For me there is nothing more annoying than when I can’t identify teammates.


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Download '' (3.45MB)


Title: Sniper_Multi-Clan_Pak.1.1 (With Bot Support)
Supported Game: Star Trek Elite Force 2
Filename: sniper_clan_pak.pk3			 
Author: Vito
Email Address : [email protected] or [email protected]

CTF Colour Support: YES
Bot Support: Yes 

Bots Names

To addbots type in the console ~ (key next to 1) addbot <botname> Skill <level> 1 - 5




Instructions: Paste the sniper_clan_pak.pk3 into your base folder of EF2
Example: C:\Program Files\Activision\EF2\base

DESCRIPTION: This is my first attempt at skinning so it took a very long time, but it 
was all worth it. This file contains two skins male and female called SniperX(male) and 
Sniper Y(female). Also included are versions of all the current active clans  in EF2, 
which I could think of. If I missed your clan I do apologize , just send me an email to 
[email protected] and I'll included it later when I release an updated version. There isn't 
that big of difference between the clan version of the skins and the general public 
version, other than the clan tag is located on the left arm instead of the romulan symbol. 
It's a subtle change, but one more way you can support your clan if you choose.

I have also included a folder that is title Extra Sounds along with this file. Because, I 
found some really cool sound files why'll surfing the net and I couldn't use all of them, 
so I figured I would share the ones I found, so that if anyone who is creating a skin needs 
some new taunts or sounds they could use them. There not really mine since I found them 
on the net, so anyone who wants to use them, go for it.

NEW TUANTS AND SOUNDS: There are all new sounds and taunts associated with 
this skin. There are also 7 more taunts that are bindable.  There are two ways to do it. 
The first is the easiest but, you have to do it each time you start up ef2.(sometimes)
1)	Bring up the console by pressing the ~ key.
2)	Type bind (put letter u wan t to bind) taunt ( numbers 3-9)
3)	For example it would read: bind k taunt 5

The second way is a little more effort, but u only have to do it once. Create a file using a 
text editor like notepad and save it as autoexec.cfg in your base/global folder of ef2. 
Don't overwrite this file if it's already there, because you can edit that file itself.
                 	Example: C:\Program Files\Activision\EF2\base\global
      1) Open the file autoexec.cfg
      2) Type on a blank line the bind just like above
      3) For example it would read: bind k taunt 5
      4) Repeat for each taunt you want to use then save.

I know this sounds complicated but, actually its really easy. I also include an 
autoexec.cfg file already for you, located in the extra stuff folder. It's completely ready; 
all you have to do is place it in the base/global folder of ef2. [Example: C:\Program 
Files\Activision\EF2\base\global] If you already have this file there, just open the one I created 
and copy and paste the binded key lines into your autoexec.cfg file, then save it. Feel free 
to change what keys are binded to what taunt, just by replacing the key letter with the one 
you choose. Its well worth taking the time to bind the extra taunts because, there are 
some really funny and unique taunts to choose from. Make sure if you are using the 
autoexec.cfg file I included, you still at least open the autoexec.cfg file so you can see 
what keys are associated with what taunt.

I've had so much help that I have lost track of all who have help me. So if I miss you, I 
do apologize. Thanks to Ritualistic and anyone else who has copyrights to this stuff for 
letting me mess with it. Thanks to Tim for letting me use some of his sounds, everyone 
on all the gaming forums for all your wisdom, all the sws clan members who helped me 
test this and gave me some feedback. Lol I couldn't have done this without all your help.

Bot script
By DarkRelix, ripped by PANDEMONIUM  I am sure he wont mind :)

Ps. Feel free to use any files or sounds from these skins, just let me know your using 
them by sending me an email at [email protected] or [email protected]

Pss. Oh if buy some chance this screws up your cpu (doubt it) don't' blame me. lol

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