Sniper Muti Clan Pak V2.0

This is V2.0 of Vito’s Sniper_Multi-Clan pack he has listened to your comments and improved the skins team colours, and the clan name stands...


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This is V2.0 of Vito’s Sniper_Multi-Clan pack he has listened to your comments and improved the skins team colours, and the clan name stands out a lot more this time round :cool:

He has also added more taunts to the models as well (See read me on how to use)

CIF Support: Yes

Bot Support: Yes


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Title: Sniper_Multi-Clan_Pak.2.0 
Supported Game: Star Trek Elite Force 2
Filename: sniper_clan_pak.pk3			 
Author: Vito
Email Address: [email protected] or [email protected]
CTF Color Support: YES
Bot Support: Yes 
Bots Names
To add bots type in the console ~ (key next to 1) addbot <botname> Skill <level> 
1 - 5
Bot names are: Sniperm or Sniperf

Bot scripts by Pandemonium (thanks)

Instructions: Paste the sniper_clan_pak.pk3 into your base folder of EF2
Example: C:\Program Files\Activision\EF2\base
(If you receive a warning about overwriting the existing sniper_clan_pak.pk3 
(1.0 old version), ignore it and overwrite it with the new version.)


DESCRIPTION: This is a skin pack witch contains two skins male and female, Two 
are for the general public to use and also there are variations for all the 
current active clans I could find for EF2. Each clan skin display's it's clan 
tag on the left arm along with the clan colors. The skins for general public use 
have a Romulan symbol instead of a clan tag on their left arm. 2.0 adds more 
team color support and clan colors to the tags.

NEW TUANTS AND SOUNDS: There are all new sounds and taunts associated with 
the skins. There are also 7 more taunts that are bindable. This is how it's 

1)	Bring up the console by pressing the ~ key.
2)	Type bind (put letter you wan t to bind) taunt ( numbers 3-9)
3)	For example it would read: bind k taunt 9

Now every time you press k it will play taunt 9. Just repeat the steps above for 
any of the taunts you want to bind. Just replace k with whatever letter you want 
to use too play the taunt and replace the taunt number with whatever taunt number 
you want to bind(3-9). It's that easy and only takes a minute.

ATTENTION CLANS: Clan skins are still selectable by the player selection menu. I 
have not heard any complaints about people using a clan skin that shouldn't, but 
as before if this does become an issue I will release an updated version with 
the clan skins hidden. Clans included with the skin pack are SWS, AFO, BOC, FOF, 
EVIL, UFP, TMA, SAS, RRE, NFO, ND. I had to remove TMF, TOM, and SD because I 
was unable to contact them about there clan colors nor could I find the websites 
anywhere. If you want your clan included in this pack please email me or let me 
know on EF2 and I will add it at a later date as an add on pk3. There will be no 
further modifications made to this pk3 file unless there is a problem that 
arises. I tried to match the clan colors as closely as possible so if I'm a 
little off in color I do apologize. Please let me no only if the colors are 
completely off. Keep in mind that all computer monitors see colors differently. 
I've had so much help that I have lost track of all who have help me. So if I 
miss you, I do apologize. Thanks to Ritualistic and anyone else who has 
copyrights to this stuff for letting me mess with it. Thanks to Tim for letting 
me use some of his sounds, everyone on all the gaming forums for all your 
wisdom, all the sws clan members who helped me test this and gave me some 
feedback, Pandemonium for putting bot support in. Lol I couldn't have done this 
without all your help.


Ps. Feel free to use any files or sounds from these skins, just let me know your 
using them by sending me an email at [email protected] or [email protected] or 
just include me in the read me file.

Pss. Oh if buy some chance this screws up your cpu (doubt it) don't' blame me. 

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