SP-MP Detection

This is an example map that demonstrates for scripters how they can differ between SinglePlayer and MultiPlayer when mapping in Über Radiant...


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This is an example map that demonstrates for scripters how they can differ between SinglePlayer and MultiPlayer when mapping in Über Radiant which is pretty senseful especially for scripters. The included files do not overwrite and/or replace any of the existing files.

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Download 'sp_mp_detection.zip' (954KB)

Christian Strahl (alias Chrissstrahl [dM]Chriss)

This Example demonstrate how to differentiate
between Singleplayer Mode and Multiplayer Mode.
This can be very helpfull for some scripters if
they wana have different handling for Multi
and Singleplayer...

Language: English
Arrivle from Menu: Yes!
Require Installation: NO!
Requires Patched Game: No!
Brings new files: No!
Replaces Files: No!

If you have finished the Installation part (below)
you can open the console and type in:
map sp_mp_detection
after this hit enter to confirm, the game shoud
beginn to load the map now.

The Console you shoud be able to access via one key
on you Keybord (NOT IN THE DEMO!!!) there are for
different types and languages diff Keys.
Windowns German: ^ or ° (Next to 1 above Tab)
Windows English:  > or < or | (Next to Z or Controll)
Mac OS-X:  > or < or |

Place the file sp_mp_detection.pk3 in your
EF2 base folder Example: c:\games\activision\EF2\base\
in this folder you can find more pk3 files.

Map Features:

    * Map/Script can differentiate between Single/Multiplayer Modus
    * Map can be played in Multiplayer Mode, (btw this makes not much sence ^^)
    * Inclusiv Source/Map-File.
    * Script is fully comented, shoud be understandable (Scriptlanguage is simular to C++)

From time to time we may publish more examples
like this, if you have questions e-mail us...

If you figure out how to cominine this tow lines
below here you shoud be able to send me a mail.
One of the tow (with my name) is also my Yahoo name.

All Trademarks and Registred Names are belong
to thair respective owner. This File is not
supported by Activision or Ritual Entertaiment.

You can host this file, as long as you do not
change this Zipfile including all files in it.
This file is Freeware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few links maybe you can use them...

EF STuff -> www.effiles.com
(German) EF2 Leauge -> www.st-news.net
EF2 STVCoI Mod -> www.exp-ind.com/stvcoi
Activison (Publisher) -> www.activision.com
Strong Compression tool/Archiver -> www.7zip.org
My Clan, active in EF2 -> www.darkmatter-clan.com
My Modding Site -> http://hazardmodding.chrissstrahl.de
Ritual Entertaiment (EF2 dev) -> www.ritualistic.com / www.ritual.com
EliteForceTC (Project to make a EF for HL2 as Mod) -> www.eliteforcetc.com
Borg War - The Movie (Movie Project with ST-Games including EF2) -> www.borgwarmovie.org
Half Life2: Borg Wars (Project to make a EF for HL2 as Mod) -> Borg Wars http://borgwars.hlgaming.com

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