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As some of you will know, sadly the STVoyager: Conflicts of Interests mod has been cancelled. 7o'nine has decided to release the models that were made, for the mod, to the community. This pack includes several models as seen on the USS Defiant and several seen on the USS Voyager, all of which make a nice complement to any DS9/VOY era maps. 7o'nine has also kindly included image files that show you how each texture is wrapped around the models, which means making your own textures for them is a lot easier.

This is an essential download to any EF2 mappers out there. :)

The STVCOI Teaser can be found here.




Name: STV:COI Environment Models
Author: 7o'nine
Email: exit(at)rogers(dot)com / s7o_nine(at)hotmail(dot).com
Website: http://ca.geocities.com/exit(at)rogers(dot)com/ [replace the (at) with @, etc]
Version: v1.0
Date: 24th January, 2007

These are various environment models created for the "Star Trek Voyager: Conflicts of Interests" mod for EF2. Since the mod has unfortunately been cancelled, the models made for it are being released for anyone else to use.

Pack consists of models for Defiant and Voyager.
List of models:
- Defiant - Captains Chair and side consoles
- Defiant - Bridge Chair
- Defiant - Conn
- Defiant - Medkit
- Defiant - Stool
- Defiant - Transporter Console
- Voyager - Console (3 variations)
- Voyager - Engineering Chair
- Voyager - Laptop and 2 PADDs
- Voyager - Messhall chair and tables
- Voyager - Turbolift

Also included are the source files (Max5 model files and Photoshop PSD texture files) for all models. My texturing skills are fairly bad, so feel free to redo as you please. Some of the textures are made by Explorer (LCARs and light shaders).
I have left the textures as TGA despite the large file sizes. I thought I'd leave it up to you whether you wanted to convert it to DDS for a smaller file sizes. You can do this via a program called "DDS Converter" (available on EFFiles).

You'll notice that for each texture there is another file of the same name with a "tex" appended to it. These "tex" files are useful for creating textures as they can help you identify how the texture will get wrapped on to the model. 

NOTE: Before you distribute the files, make sure you remove unneeded files (for example, all the texture PSD files, the MS3D(Milkshape) files, the "tex" files, and so on).

***PLEASE*** If, for whatever reason, you want to convert this to another game, or use it as part of another mod then give me (or Explorer, depending on what textures you use) credit (it'd be nice to email me as well just so I know that it's of use to anyone :))

Extract the contents of the folders to your 'base' directory.
You should end up with
base/models/enviro/*.tik (all the tik files)
base/models/enviro/defiant/*/ (all the folders containing the Defiant models and textures)
base/models/enviro/voyager/*/ (all the folders containing the Voyager models and textures)
base/shaders/stvcoi_models.shader (shader file for the textures)

All the models should appear in your right click menu in UberRadiant
enviro > defiant > * (for all the defiant models)
enviro > voyager > * (for all the voyager models)

In no event will I/we be held responsible for any damages or loss of data of any kind,including with out limitation any
special,indirect,incidental or consequential damages as a resulting from the use or mis-use of the files located in this zip file even if I/we has been advised of such damages. 
As always I recommend using a virus checker on all downloaded material.

This model MAY NOT be used as a base for any other model creation, without the written consent of the 
original authors permission,nor shall any part of this zip be used for commercial gain in any way shape or form.

However if you wish to distribute this file it MUST contain ALL the original files,that were present during the initial download, and must not be altered in any way shape or form.It may be distributed in any form other than normal snail mail. ;-)

I reserve the right to modify these files in anyway, at any time, without warning. 

©2007 7o'nine. All rights Reserved.
All other copyrights and registered trademarks are acknowledged of their respective owners.

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