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Following up on his first SinglePlayer map release, Lava7, this reletively new developer is on the fast track to maki...


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Following up on his first SinglePlayer map release, Lava7, this reletively new developer is on the fast track to making some great maps! With Station 1, you are given another inside peek at the progress being made by it's creator.

Unlike his previous map that had you in the great outdoors, Skipper has decided to try his hand at creating a map with rooms. Once you load this map, you will find yourself in a holodeck with comes equipped with a barrell that can be used for target practice. Lava can never be a good thing, so becareful when you're near it, and in case you're one of these gotta find out for myself kind of person, there is a health console near by.

Refer to the readme for additional information.

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Author: Skipper
Mode: Singleplayer
email: skipper DOT hancox @ virgin DOT NET
MAP NAME:  Station 1


I wanted to expand on my last map and decided to do an indoor map instead.
This is a progress whhat i am working on

You start off in the holodeck.  Theres a console which you can press and sounds.
A gun which you can shoot a barrel.
A Lava pool which you can get hurt and there a health console to restor your health.
A tranporter Which takes you to the begining of a corridoor

In the corridoor i have made it so its curved and not just looking like box.
there a several working doors with out sound.  I will put that in later.
And a room with a transporter to get back to the holodeck.


When you Transport it seems to some times transport you twice but it no big deal i will try and fix it later.


The holodeck door doesnt work because its the actual model from radient it self so the door will not open
thats why i used the transpoter.  Everything else like the corridoor i have done my self.

put the bsp file in EF2/base/maps 
and type in the console :
map station1


Me (skipper) for trying to make it

Chrissstrahl for helping

Im going to continue on this and make it a big map with more consoles/people etc

Flix map files and tutorials

And every one at effiles who helped me in the past

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