Sundown is almost like Voy2, the big difference is in the centre area where the wall is replace with a deep pool of water. The pool has a br...


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Sundown is almost like Voy2, the big difference is in the centre area where the wall is replace with a deep pool of water. The pool has a bridge over it, and also a jump pad on each side to throw you over. Underneath the bridge you can get your hands on a quad or detpack (though it won't be easy as moving through water is sloooow). The other change isn't a huge one, but it adds a little raises section at the back of each base which would be ideal for some sniping. The change in the middle does affect Voy2's normal gameplay (which is a good thing or it'd just be another clone). You can't really fly across the level anymore which can slow things down, but you're still pretty open to enemy fire.

The lighting in the map seems a bit contrary to the map title and setting, i.e. sundown. In the sky you can see the sun setting in the distance making a lovely dramatic scene, but then you see this really blue map sticking out in the middle. It's a bit strange....

Anyway, the map is alright. Nothing groundbreaking, but it's kinda hard to tell whether it works or not... you may want to give it a try.

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Models: No

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**********!!!!!!!!! Sundown !!!!!!!!!**********

Converted By =)^(= Gez
Created By =)^(= Peace


this zip file includes,
#Don't Readme.txt

This map is designed specifically to work with the Ultimate Patch v1.1 for EF2, if the server is not running this,
strange things may happen (for example the jump pads may shoot you into the sky :D)

Installation Instructions
Just Unzip sundown.pk3 To Your base directory.

Fully supported

Things About My Map
Build Time: 2 days
Compile time: 19 hours, 24 minutes and 25 seconds
File Type: Elite Force 2 Map
File Name: sundown
Gametypes/Modifiers Supported: All

Special Thanks
True Captain

Visit us on the web:

You are free to distribute the original zip file which must remain un-altered.
As far as im aware my map hasn't got any viruses or data corruption software! However if you do encounter strange 
enities crawling around your screen, I accept no responsibility for damage or eaten up hard drives! 
You should always check any and all files you download with virus checking software.
The original concept is property of Raven sofware. The sky is property of its respective owner. (

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