Another good skin by Wolf-One, Kleeya in a t-shirt.


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Another good skin by Wolf-One, Kleeya in a t-shirt.

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--File Information-------
This is a set of T Shirts that Kyleea borrowed from an enterprise crewwoman after Lt. Munro wouldn’t stop staring at her chest.
Same old Kyleea in a new t-shirt.

--How to Install---------
 Find where on your hard drive you have EF2 installed, open that folder. Then open the folder called "Base"
 Choose which t-shirt colour you would prefer, and then drop that PK3 file (and only that file) into your [EF2\base] directory.

--Why did I make this?? -
Because when I first ran into Kyleea in the game my first thought was that there was going to be a nude texture out there any second now. My second thought was that she really must be a bit cold not wearing all that much.

If you like this and think I should make more then e-mail me.
If you want my base files to make your own textures, again, e-mail me.

--Respect is due to...--
For making a stunning game play experience that takes the good points of the first game then far surpasses it.

-Yohance Bailey, (thugbailey@hotmail.com)
For being the first guy on effiles to get a nude texture up. Excellent work, far better then I could do. However I think the nipples look strange for a nubile blond chick and the placement makes them stretch in odd ways.

--If you want to use or modify this file...
Go ahead but e-mail me the result. Please give me credit if you’re using my texture as a base.

--Made By---------------
Wolf-One, I know I'm a coward for not putting my name to it.


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