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This is [x-men]doomseeker's first attempt at making a map, he states that when he asked his clan mates what type he should build on, they suggested TT Strafes (beta1), which is an Elite Force 1 map. As you can guess by this map's name, he took their advice.

This map comes equipped with 16 rooms and a strafe lane, which is made with some different textures, as this map was a learning experience for doomseeker.

It would seem to me that [x-men]doomseeker is well on his way as an accomplished mapper, and I, for one, look forward to seeing more creations from him! :thumbsup:

Refer to the Readme for more installation instructions and credits.



tt_strafes for EF2 created by [x-men]doomseeker


This is the first map i've ever made,so I hope it will make fun to strafe a little bit on it although its not perfect!

I made it to get to know ÜberRadiant and how to map in general.I asked my teammates [x-men] mirage and [x-men]mystique what kind of map they would like to have in EF2 and they recommended me to try tt_strafes for EF1 as a useful map how to learn strafing.Hope you are confident with it!;)

The map has 16 rooms and a strafe lane made in some different textures so that i could get to know them!


Unzip tt_strafes and place the tt_strafes.pk3 in your Ef2 base directory.To play it just launch the game and watch out for "tt_strafes for Ef2".


This map is based on the map:
{S31}Titanium aka {S31}Species512


Special thanks to:[dM] Chriss,who helped me whenever i had a question!
                  [x-men]mirage and [x-men]mystique,who tested it for me!


->The best and most helpful tutorial i used,although not everything works for EF2!

Distribution / Copyright / Permissions:

Copyright (c) 2006 [x-men]doomseeker/Jussi Salminen
All rights reserved.

Contact me,if you want to:
[email protected]

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