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This is a well needed mod for all of us who have experienced the lack of functionality with the normal server commands available since the r...


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This is a well needed mod for all of us who have experienced the lack of functionality with the normal server commands available since the release of the EF2 1.10 patch. As the author puts it this mod makes “EF2 a lot more fun to play (and more like EF1)”.

A few of the “new” features you will find with the “Ultimate Server Mod v1.0” are: new sounds for things such as a combadge sound when chatting and CTF flag noises. This mod is very simple to install and comes with a detailed readme (or don’t readme as Gez says) to make it easy to use. The number one feature of this mod is the added Cvars. Some favourites are a slew of commands that work well for temporary or permanent banning of IP addresses and the ability to change the client’s user name and skin. The cfgs come pre-made with common features that are easy to understand and change for the novice or advanced.

It is very simple to add a welcome message to clients as they enter the server. A few things that were not so great about this mod are #1 if there are no players on the server the map cycle does not continue. The timer for the maps begins when there are 2 or more players in game. This is a problem because if you have a not-so-popular map you are running and the timer doesn’t start, clients may not join and you will be stuck on that map. Another problem was when there were bots in the game with real players the voting was a bit buggy, 2 real players and 1 computer player could not vote to the next map, even though both players voted yes. These might possibly be easily fixed with changes to the cfgs, but it was not easily figured out if it is possible. Overall, this is a GREAT mod, I loved the added control and ability to keep unwanted nuisances out. The downsides are very few and minor (most servers have voting disabled anyway). It is nice to see that the problems of EF2 are being addressed and remedied.


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Download 'ultimateserver.zip' (1.21MB)

Thank you for not reading this readme file. :)

Name: Ultimate Server Mod v1.0
Author: Gez
Site: http://usm.thewizclan.com

Well basiclly, this mod is to make EF2 a lot more fun to play (and more like EF1)
I for one was extremely disappointed with EF2 after the long wait, this for me, just about justifies me buying EF2. :)

Remember, if you have anything you would like to see in upcoming versions, or if you find any bugs (whether they be
due to the mod or created by Ritual), don't hesitate to get into contact with me. Contact me on ICQ or send me
mail (wizgez@hotmail.com)

Admin Control:
A cvar has been added to specify the allowed votes
The banning commands work now
The dedicated console now shows a lot more information
You can now talk from the dedicated console properly
More commands including forceteam, forceclass, forcemodel and forcename
The points have been reset to EF1 standards (1 team point per cap, 5 player points, etc)

Extra sounds have been added for flag pickups/scores/returns
The flag gets returned after suicide or misadventure/lava etc

If you use an STX phaser on your server, this will no longer be given to players in this mode
Only certain powerups and the holable transpoter will spawn
The ammo for your rifle will no longer 'run out'

A better warmup has been implemented
A louder combadge sound plays when someone chats
Bots no longer talk about nothing (their chat can also be disabled once again with bot_nochat)
Bots now stay connected across levels
Doors have a bigger trigger field (open when you are a bit further away than before)
If a client has a password set and the server does not, the client is now allowed into the server
If more people vote yes and a vote times out, the vote will pass rather than failing
PrivatePassword works again
Sloping walls no longer slow you down like before
Strafing and jumping is much more like EF1/Q3
The detpack hurts more and has a bigger effect
The holdable transporter shows the proper effect and spawns at a random point rather than only your team's
The intermission no longer skips on the first map it runs
The photon moves faster and has higher knockback
The speed boots work
The tell command works properly now
The use button can also be used to respawn
The vote string has been moved out of the way of the scores and shows more information
The weapons switch in a more prioritized order

Ammo/Armor/Health/Holdables/Powerups/Weapons no longer spawn
Can change class from the console again
Class remembered on respawns and map changes
Classes now have specific skins
Infiltrators jump higher
Medics no longer have a strange death sequence or regen when dead
The specialties room can be disabled

Unzip to your base folder (eg. "C:\Program Files\Activision\EF2\base")

How to run:
Double click Run Server.bat (you can set other things by editing the .bat), alternitavly you can run the mod with
a shortcut by adding:
+set gamedll "base\UltimateServer.dll"
to the end of the target box after any quotes

Put the files in '/home/EF2/base' for example
Where '/home/EF2/' is the path where you installed EF2.
You can start the game with the +set gamedll UltimateServer.dll arguement

An example of the efstart file:
./ef2ded +set gamedll base/UltimateServer.dll +exec ef2server.cfg

=================================================INCLUDED FILES=================================================
Don't Readme.txt - This file (yes really)

Run Server.bat - Runs a dedicated EF2 server with this mod (starting with Regular CTF)

ef2server.cfg - Server configuration file
actionhero.cfg - Runs Actionhero with a maplist
autohandicap.cfg - Runs Autohandicap with a maplist
controlpoints.cfg - Runs Control Points with a maplist
destruction.cfg - Runs Singularities with a maplist
elimination.cfg - Runs Elimination with a maplist
diffusion.cfg - Runs Bomb Diffusion with a maplist
modsoff.cfg - Runs Regular CTF with a maplist
oneflag.cfg - Runs One Flag with a maplist
pointsperweapon.cfg - Runs Points Per Weapon with a maplist
specialties.cfg - Runs Specialties with a maplist

New Rcon Commands:
( <> = Required [] = optional )

Usage: addip <ip>
Adds an ip to the ban filter, NOTE: filterban must be set to 1 to ban ips. To ban a range, type for example "addip 195"

Usage: removeip <ip>
Removes an ip from the ban filter

Usage: listip
Lists the ips currently filtered

Usage: writeip
Writes the banned ips to a cfg file so they remain banned if you close and reopen your server

Usage: botlist
Lists all of the available bots

Usage: callvote <command> <argument>
Calls a vote inside the server (you can use any command)

Usage: forceteam <client num> <team>
Changes the team of the specified player

Usage: forceclass <client num> <class>
Changes the class of the specified player

Usage: forcemodel <client num> <model>
Changes the model of the specified player

Usage: forcename <client num> <name>
Changes the name of the specified player

New cvars:

Example: mp_motd "Welcome to my server"
Displays a message to clients once they enter the server

Example: mp_specialtiesRoom "0"
0 disables the room where you can choose your specialty, 1 enables it

Example: mp_votes "kick map mp_gametype nextmap poll restart actionhero autohandicap controlpoints destruction
diffusion elimination instantkill modsoff oneflag pointsperweapon specialties"
Sets the votes for which players are allowed to vote for (Poll will call a poll, actionhero/instantkill/specialties etc,
will exec a config named that in your base

All those people who joined my beta server and put up with its crashing while I fixed the bugs :)

This file shall be distributed in its original form (being in the original unmodified zip archive).

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