Ultimate Server Mod (Windows Ver)

This is the windows version . !

This time Gez, GameRevolt, Tempest, Worf have improved on an already good thing by sorting out some Sta...


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This is the windows version . !

This time Gez, GameRevolt, Tempest, Worf have improved on an already good thing by sorting out some Stability issues and adding more options

The Ultimate Client Mod is best used on a server running the 'Ultimate Server Mod' as it adds menus and sounds for use in server running the mod, and it also improves the menus, overall increasing the ease and enjoyability of playing. :)

There is really to much to list here,

This really is a necessary must have :cool:


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Download 'ultimateserverv1.2.zip' (1.23MB)

Thank you for reading this readme file. :)

Name: Ultimate Server Mod v1.2
OS Version: Windows
Author: Gez
Developers: Gez, gameRevolt, Tempest, Worf
Site: http://usm.thewizclan.com

Well basiclly, this mod is to make EF2 a lot more fun to play (and more like EF1)
I for one was extremely disappointed with EF2 after the long wait, this for me, just about justifies me buying EF2. :)

Remember, if you have anything you would like to see in upcoming versions, or if you find any bugs (whether they be
due to the mod or created by Ritual), don't hesitate to get into contact with me, Worf or Tempest by sending us
e-mail (wizgez@hotmail.com, sfiworf@hotmail.com, david.coles.wales@ntlworld.com)

And remember, this mod is completely SERVER-SIDE, which means clients do not have to download anything

=====================================================NEW IN v1.2====================================================
21st January 2004

A thumbnail of each player is shown in the scoreboard
A thumbnail of your attacker is now shown to the right of the screen
Commendations are now given at the end of a game (providing there is an info_player_intermission in the map)
You can get all the awards you earned instead of just one of each type

Lookout for batleth dueling in the next version!
This modifier has been added ("mp_modifier_BatlethOnly") to play with only the batleth

Client Side Mod
An optional client side mod is available for download now
Item pickup text is now in a readable white	
The computer and flag sounds are now the same as ef1's
The disconnected symbol will appear above any player's head who has a ping greater than 500
The scoreboard name shows the proper gametype and modifier with spaces

Bots no longer just go on the red team if you add them without a specified team
Holdable transporter now goes to the farthest spawnpoint from your position
Lag frags are logged and printed
The cvar "mp_disableBlackNames" has been added to stop people using black in their names
The cvar "sv_photonSpeed" has been added to alter the primary fire photon speed
The intermission can now continue to the next map after 20seconds of one person clicking ready
The mod is much more stable overall
The speed cvar "sv_maxspeed" is now double the original speed to make it more like the ef1 cvar
Third person works properly now when aiming and firing weapons
The warmup print no longer defaults when a bot is present and has been improved

Medics can knockout enemies with their tricorder when they are really close to them
Quad can only be picked up by heavies and metaphasic shielding by medics
The cvar "mp_forceSpecialtiesSkins" has been added to choose whether to force the skins to specialty specific ones
Weapons spawning bugs have been fixed

Spectators can chat amongst themselves with team chat and to everyone with normal chat
Spectators now spawn at the info_player_intermission spot (if there is one)
Spectators now stay spectators on restarts and map changes

===================================================NEW IN v1.1 rc3==================================================
30th December 2003

Intermission and death lag fixed (again)
Intermission music fixed
Spectator spawnpoints fixed
The cvar bot_minplayers chooses more randomly now and doesn't keep adding or kicking bots gradually when it shouldn't
Various crashes fixed

Server logging added - cvar "g_logfile" added
Server welcome message now printed center screen and in the hud
Some extra prints added to do with game/map initialization/shutdown
Some of the more pointless bot chats/prints removed (they are all pointless really :P)
Strange linux console printing bugs/errors/crashes fixed
The timer now counts up when "mp_timelimit" is set to zero

===================================================NEW IN v1.1 rc2==================================================
30th December 2003


The "I have the flag" console flood has been removed

A door's trigger field is bigger in multiplayer than in single player
Gamenames at the top of the scoreboard now have the proper spacing
Intermission lag fixed
Photon fire bug fixed (again - still didn't work for some people)
The print "was crushed to death" has been added for death by crushing

Medics can now use their tricorder to kill enemies (like the hypo from ef1)

===================================================NEW IN v1.1 rc1==================================================
25th December 2003

Photon fire bug fixed

=====================================================NEW IN v1.1====================================================
25th December 2003

Bots can now spectate without crashing the server
The cvar "bot_minplayers" works again

Damage & Weapons
Chatfrags are now printed to the console and hud
The cvar "sv_showDamageFlash" has been added to remove full screen red blood damage effect
The holdable explosive has added sounds and prints
The controlled photon is slower than the normal photon
Weapons lag reduced

A "ready" state added for intermission (click mouse or press use)
Intermission queue time added to see last frag/cap
Podium added for intermission (only with an info_player_intermission point)
Scoreboard updates faster at the intermission and death
Team awards work now

Bomb diffusion and singularity points fixed
Denied print removed from hud
Optional sounds for voting and chatfragging
Spectator and noclip movement improved
The cvar "mp_forceNoTilt" has been added to force no strafe tilting
The cvar "mp_winDuringWarmup" has been added in case you want a warmup but would also like the game to change maps even if its running
The default model is now dm_picard to reduce bugs
The holdable transporter works every time now
The print "changed name" is now "renamed"

=================================================NEW IN v1.0 rc1================================================
10th December 2003

Fixed a small mistake in the destruction/singularity cfg file
The cvar "mp_winDuringWarmup" has been added to allow the server to continue the map rotation even if the warmup is still active
Voting majority fixed - bots not counted in vote and a timeout will cause the greater majority of votes to win
Weapons no longer sometimes spawn on the ground instead of your hand in specialties

Admin Control:
A cvar has been added to specify the allowed votes
The banning commands work now
The dedicated console now shows a lot more information
You can now talk from the dedicated console properly
More commands including forceteam, forceclass, forcemodel and forcename
The points have been reset to EF1 standards (1 team point per cap, 5 player points, etc)

Extra sounds have been added for flag pickups/scores/returns
The flag gets returned after suicide or misadventure/lava etc

If you use an STX phaser on your server, this will no longer be given to players in this mode
Only certain powerups and the holable transpoter will spawn
The ammo for your rifle will no longer 'run out'

A better warmup has been implemented
A louder combadge sound plays when someone chats
Bots no longer talk about nothing (their chat can also be disabled once again with bot_nochat)
Bots now stay connected across levels
Doors have a bigger trigger field (open when you are a bit further away than before)
If a client has a password set and the server does not, the client is now allowed into the server
If more people vote yes and a vote times out, the vote will pass rather than failing
PrivatePassword works again
Sloping walls no longer slow you down like before
Strafing and jumping is much more like EF1/Q3
The detpack hurts more and has a bigger effect
The holdable transporter shows the proper effect and spawns at a random point rather than only your team's
The intermission no longer skips on the first map it runs
The photon moves faster and has higher knockback
The speed boots work
The tell command works properly now
The use button can also be used to respawn
The vote string has been moved out of the way of the scores and shows more information
The weapons switch in a more prioritized order

Ammo/Armor/Health/Holdables/Powerups/Weapons no longer spawn
Can change class from the console again
Class remembered on respawns and map changes
Classes now have specific skins
Infiltrators jump higher
Medics no longer have a strange death sequence or regen when dead
The specialties room can be disabled

Unzip all the files to your ef2 directory (eg. "C:\Program Files\Activision\EF2")
Some files will be placed into your base folder automaticly

How to run:
Double click Run Server.bat (you can set other things by editing the .bat), alternitavly you can run the mod with
a shortcut by adding:
+set gamedll "base\UltimateServer.dll"
to the end of the target box after any quotes

=================================================INCLUDED FILES=================================================
Ultimate Server Mod README.txt - This file (yes really)

Run Server.bat - Runs a dedicated EF2 server with this mod (starting with Regular CTF)

UltimateServer.dll - "The Mod"

ef2server.cfg - Server configuration file
actionhero.cfg - Runs Actionhero with a maplist
autohandicap.cfg - Runs Autohandicap with a maplist
controlpoints.cfg - Runs Control Points with a maplist
destruction.cfg - Runs Singularities with a maplist
elimination.cfg - Runs Elimination with a maplist
diffusion.cfg - Runs Bomb Diffusion with a maplist
modsoff.cfg - Runs Regular CTF with a maplist
oneflag.cfg - Runs One Flag with a maplist
pointsperweapon.cfg - Runs Points Per Weapon with a maplist
specialties.cfg - Runs Specialties with a maplist

=================================================CLIENT COMMANDS================================================
Usage: class <specialty class>
Changes you to the specified specialty class

Usage: team <team name>
Changes you to the specified team

---New Rcon Commands:---
( <> = Required [] = optional )

Usage: addip <ip>
Adds an ip to the ban filter, NOTE: filterban must be set to 1 to ban ips. To ban a range, type for example "addip 195"

Usage: removeip <ip>
Removes an ip from the ban filter

Usage: listip
Lists the ips currently filtered

Usage: writeip
Writes the banned ips to a cfg file so they remain banned if you close and reopen your server

Usage: botlist
Lists all of the available bots

Usage: callvote <command> <argument>
Calls a vote inside the server (you can use any command)

Usage: forceteam <client num> <team>
Changes the team of the specified player

Usage: forceclass <client num> <class>
Changes the class of the specified player

Usage: forcemodel <client num> <model>
Changes the model of the specified player

Usage: forcename <client num> <name>
Changes the name of the specified player

Usage: nextmapinlist
This will advance to the next map in your maplist

Usage: svsay <text>
Lets you talk through the dedicated console to players

---New cvars:---

Example: g_logfile "global/game.log"
This defines the file to which the server log is written, you must have g_logstats set to 1 to log server activity

Example: mp_disableBlackNames "1"
1 disables black text in player names, 0 allows it

Example: mp_extraSounds "1"
1 enables extra sounds for voting and chatfragging, 0 disables these

Example: mp_forceNoTilt "1"
1 disables the tilt for all clients, 0 lets them choose with cg_viewStrafeTilt

Example: mp_forceSpecialtiesSkins "1"
1 forces clients to use a specific skin for their class, 0 lets them use any skin
(infil=munro, tech=chell, heavy=korban, medic=jurot, sniper=telsia, demo=chang)

Example: mp_motd "Welcome to my server"
Displays a message to clients once they enter the server

Example: mp_specialtiesRoom "0"
0 disables the room where you can choose your specialty, 1 enables it

Example: mp_votes "kick map mp_gametype nextmap poll restart actionhero autohandicap controlpoints destruction
disintegration diffusion elimination modsoff oneflag pointsperweapon specialties"
Sets the votes for which players are allowed to vote for (Poll will call a poll, actionhero/disintegration/specialties etc,
will exec a config named that in your base directory)

Example: mp_winDuringWarmup "1"
1 allows the maplist to continue during the warmup, 0 disallows it from changing

Example: sv_photonSpeed "2500"
Sets the speed at which the primary photon torpedo travels

Example: sv_showDamageFlash "0"
0 disables the full screen blood damage effect, 1 enables it

---Item Filter System:---

This feature will filter out items that you specify in the following cvars, to enable the item in question, change
it's respective number in the cvar to 0, to filter it out, change it to 1

Cvars (the function of each number in the cvar is listed after the dash):
mp_filterAmmo "000000" - //Federation Large//Plasma Large//Idryll Large//Federation Small//Plasma Small//Idryll Small
mp_filterArmor 000" - //Large//Medium//Small
mp_filterHealth 00" - //Large//Small
mp_filterHoldables 0000" - //Holdable Explosive//Holdable Transporter//Holdable Forcefield//Holdable Medkit
mp_filterPowerups 00000" - //Cloak//Metaphasic Shielding//Nano Regenerative Protoplasmer//Haste//Quantum Weapon Enhancer
mp_filterRunes 0000" - //Ammo Regeneration//Armor Piercing//Death Quad//Empathy Shield
mp_filterWeapons "0000000000000000000" - //Tricorder//STX Tricorder//Romulan Tricorder//Phaser//STX Phaser//Batleth
//Compression Rifle//Enhanced Assault Rifle//Tetryon Gatling Gun//Romulan Disruptor//Federation Sniper Rifle
//Romulan Radation Gun//I-mod//Grenade Launcher//Assault Rifle//Drull Staff//Attrexian Rifle//Photon Burst//Enterprise Cannon

Cvar Example: mp_filterWeapons "0000000000000000000"
This would enable all weapons

Cvar Example #2: mp_filterWeapons "0000000000000000000"
This would disable all weapons

Cvar Example #3: mp_filterWeapons "1001001010100010000"
This would disable: the tricorder, the phaser, the compression rifle, the burst rifle, the romulan disrupter and the
grenade launcher

True Captain
All those people who joined my beta server and put up with it crashing while I fixed the bugs :)


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