USS Achillies

Achillies is set to be an RPG map. It contains about four decks, with the usual bridge, engineering, crew quarters, holodeck, etc. Getting a...


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Achillies is set to be an RPG map. It contains about four decks, with the usual bridge, engineering, crew quarters, holodeck, etc. Getting around the map can be achieved using the "lifts". There should be two of these next to each other at all times, one transports you to the next/prev deck, while the other is the destination of the transport. The transporter room has also transports you to a different spot on the place, one which I will presume is the weapons locker/cargo bay.

To be honest, the map isn't all that good. Chris has said this is his "first full map", so keeping that in mind, I think it's important to give constructive criticism to help him get better :) Short list from me: doors should slide away gracfully within a wall (i.e. no z-fighting or blocking paths); lighting!! there was virtually none.. it can really set an atmosphere; space usage: things are a little cramped up, while other areas are too open; scale: keeping in mind the height of the player and setting the rest of the "accessories" so they look to be more believable; caulking unseen faces; sounds: helps build atmosphere; and lastly just to use as little repetition as possible in a small/narrow area (corridors, small rooms, etc).

I don't really RPG, so I don't know what exactly RPG players look for in a map, however the usual scripting elements seem to be missing (like consoles doing various things, etc.).

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Map: U.S.S Achilles
Time to make: 6 months or so
Author: Christopher Edmund
Version: 1.0
Bugs: 3 minor (will try and fix by version 2.0
Email: [email protected]
Game compatibility: Elite force 2 (I will convert it to Star Trek Voyager elite force)
Install: put the pk3 file into c:\program files\Activision\Elite Force 2\Base
To Play:  open elite force 2 and enter the multi-player map selection screen and click on Achilles
Bots: None
Requirements:  A computer with at least a Intel® CPU (computer processing unit)  (or something similar) running at around 1300 MHZ (mega hurtz)  (in my opinion don’t use or buy a ADM® CPU they are nothing more than a pile of junk!)
Incompatibilities : Star Trek Voyager Elite Force and the EF2 1.1. Patch (that thing don’t let any independent uniform mod run)

Description: This is supposed to be the interior of the U.S.S Achilles (Star Trek Deep space nine: The dominion War  (Pc game)) with all the scripting and other cool RPG stuff the map only has four decks the mapping and covering up all the rough edges took a great deal of time
I did go through numerous variations on all decks before I got wanted oh and about the RPG stuff never assume anything were this map is concerned
I hope you will take into account that this is my first full map I did release a demo of this multi-player map before since this is my first (full version) please give me an honest option ah Achilles will return in version Achilles V 2.0 and
 Deland est. (total destruction): Achilles

Oh and if your interested on working on a fan film I have started please email me at the above address


Mapping: Christopher Edmund
RPG scripting: Christopher Edmund
Standard scripting: Christopher Edmund
Textures: Ritual Entertainment
Models: Ritual Entertainment
Mapping and Scripting Advice: Dr. Bob

ALL  rites and other names and properties are copyrighted to their respectful owners
Any problems please Email me at : [email protected]

Thank You, 
	  Christopher Edmund

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