An update to W4rbird's just-released-yesterday Warehouse map. This is a great sign of dedication, where the developer wastes...


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An update to W4rbird's just-released-yesterday Warehouse map. This is a great sign of dedication, where the developer wastes no time in releasing a newer version!

This version has very few changes to the gameplay of the map...actually, it has no changes to the gameplay of the map, but, this map will appear more professional and authentic as it now comes with a loading screen...which look great by the way!

If you already downloaded the previous version, it should be replaced with this one, then all you need to do is get eight to 10 of your friends together, and fight for bragging rights! To add a bit of merriment to your gaming experience, W4rbird has included hidden items throughout this abandoned warehouse, so load up this download and set phasers to fun!

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download 'warehouse_map_v1_1.zip' (3.74MB)

A Star Trek: Elite Force II Map
TITLE: Warehouse v1.1
AUTHOR: W4rbird
E-MAIL: warbird1@interia.pl
WEBSITE: http://w4rbird.filefront.com/

FILENAME: warehouse_map_v1_1.zip
DATE RELEASED: 3th April 2007

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Just unpack an archive and put the .pk3 file to /base folder. An

- 2 music tracks are just renamed (filenames), original music from EF2, so credit goes to Ritual Entertainment (Zak Belica);
- 2 new sounds - freely available on http://www.wavsource.com/sfx/sfx.htm and http://www.grsites.com/sounds/cartoon003.shtml;
- Ritual Entertainment - from obvious reasons [for anything else]. 

DESCRIPTION: This is a small update - v1.1. I recently figured out how to make menus and stuff, so then I thought to add a loading screen to my map. And so it is. I think this makes map more complete. BTW. If you already have my previous version, you should replace it with this one.

New sounds: Aye
New music: Nay
New textures: Nay
Bot support: Aye
Game mode: Holomatch

In no way am I responsible for whatever damage this can cause (but it won't) to your computer. If you use any part of this file, please make sure you ask 
for my persmission, before releasing it, but it is not recommended ;) A simple credit will suffice.

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