Wood-grain Phaser

Data079 returns with the fist download this month.

Wood-grain Phaser is a mini-mod texture replacement that will turn your shiny m...


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File Description

Data079 returns with the fist download this month.

Wood-grain Phaser is a mini-mod texture replacement that will turn your shiny metal Phaser into a Wooden one. This applies to the VOY-Phaser and not the STX-Phaser, however the texture quality cannot be argued with and this is something I'd recommend taking a look at if your a fan of texture alterations.

See the readme for further information and installation instructions.


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Download 'woodgrain_phaser.zip' (131KB)

Cheesy Header:

========)(This is an official Data079 Document)(=========      

Short Introduction: Woodgrain Phaser

This is a simple woodgrain phaser retexture that I thought y'all might like.
If anyone likes this please let me know and maybe I'll make some more woodgrain mods.
Plus you may get credit for suggesting it.

Needless note from author:

Hello from Data 079. I first started out making this for personal enjoyment.
Then I decided that someone might really want it. (I highly doubt it but an android can dream, right?)
So, I worked a little on it and created a first release- a teaser- including all files needed and information on file placement.
It's not much, but no one can say I'm not doing my part to keep Elite Force© TM. Ritual Entertainment and Star Trek© TM.Paramount Pictures alive.
I may try to work some more on this mod and get more of it out later. For now however, I'm still trying to work on making it look better.

   Installation instructions:

To install place the models folder inside your Base folder. If you already have a models folder
simple take the files out of the mod's models folder and place them in you textures folder. If you
already have those files you should know what to do if not feel free to email me.
I thank you for your interest and hope you enjoy.

The contact me here section:

If you have any questions feel free to email
me at:      data079(Dot)gaming(At)gmail(Dot)com     

General Credits:

First off: To Mother and Father- if it was not for them I would not be here.
Many thanks to Chrissstrahl for much support, help and kindness.
I also would like to thank Trekky0623 and cameronmc for helping me decide to come back to the community.
Also Admiral Hocking for not deleting my account or banning me for some of the things I've said.
And everyone else that has helped me or simply been kind to me Thanks y'all!!

Legal stuff and Request:

I Take NO Responsibility If This
Harms Your Computer, Get's You In Trouble,
Or Anything Else For That Matter.
Once I've Uploaded it It's Out Of My Hands

If you decide to use this file in your modification, please ask
me first, as this is the polite thing to do. You can reach me at 
the above email address.

All trademarks are property of their respective owners.
This file is not made or supported by Activision.

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