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Star Trek: Elite Force II EF2 Linux Server Beta Test Begins!

Ritualistic has news of the Linux server beta tests taking place! I know some of you have been dying to know when it's coming out, so this is a step closer to what you guys want. Right now the server is being tested on two Jolt servers (more to come). Players are requested to play on those server...


Star Trek: Elite Force II EF2 for Mac not that far away

According to Aspyr, EF2 for the Mac will be here August 2003! At this rate, it will be out before the Uber Tools.


Star Trek: Elite Force II EF2 Appearing 'Down Under'?

Appears so :) Ahoy, Just thought i'd let you know that Elite Force 2 is now available in Electronics Boutiques, throughout out Australia...well, i only know one city...AND it comes with a free pack. The game is great, far superior to EF1. Maniac US still has one more day to go!


Star Trek: Elite Force II Elite Force 2 Released in the UK

Elite Force 2 was released in the UK today, although some reports say that EF2 was avaible yesturday in some shops around the UK. I am on level 6 and so far I'm enjoying the game. I know some people complained about the "fragging" in EF2, but after doing the first couple of missions I can underst...


Star Trek: Elite Force II EF2 Cheats

For those who are having trouble getting thru the demo, check out the new EF2 cheats page. The link is on the left-hand side of your screen in the EF2 section of links.