Star Trek: Elite Force II

Browse the biggest collection of mods, maps, skins, tools and utilities for Elite Force II, the sequel to the hugely popular Voyager: Elite Force. Set phasers to frag!

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All Files By Firefly194
Skin Packs TNG uniforms Skinpack

This includes 6 male and 6 female skins in blue, yellow, and red of the Next Generation uniform.


Skin Packs RPG Skin Pack

A fantastic skin pack that I think is a must for those who like to be a bit more personal in choosing their looks in MP. This pack basicall...


Modifications Voyager uniforms

This changes hazard team suits to voyager ones and first contact uniforms to voyager ones.


Skin Packs Starfleet mega skinpack

This is the biggest skinpack ever I have seen for EF2. Almost all characters from Single Player can now be used in Multi Player. There are a...