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By IKS_Yo_Mama 14 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Hello All. Please Read the following carefully as this is a re-affirmation on the policy of advertising or showing your work on this site. Recently there has been some complaints about certain material posted on this site. Firstly, the amount of advertising done for the Forge Project here in the last two weeks was (and is) not spam. 4 or 5 PotDs over a 3 week period, a humorous poll and one or two mentions of it in news items on this site does not constitute spam. In any shape or form. It may have been spammed on other sites but not this one therefore complaints regarding spam of it on Elite Force files is utter tripe. Secondly here is our (current administration's) policy of advertising on Elite Force Files.
    [*]You've got a PotD about your Work in Progress or your new idea for a SP Mod - [url="http://eliteforce2.filefront.com/potd/Add/"]Upload it[/url]. [*]You've got an announcement to make about your new mod you are developing? - [url="http://eliteforce2.filefront.com/news/submit/"]Upload it[/url]. [*]You've got some general updates about your work in progress? - [url="http://eliteforce2.filefront.com/news/submit/"]Upload it[/url]. [*]You've got news about the community or that concerns the community? - [url="http://eliteforce2.filefront.com/news/submit/"]Upload it[/url].
The news system here is not just for myself and Luke to post up stuff or for the logs of the previous week's poll. It is for the whole community. Regardless of previous administrations on this site, however far you go back, this one operates a little differently. That’s why we cover news items ranging from Elite Force Review to mod news to even posting Roleplaying Group profiles (though only some groups agreed to it). [b]Community news = News of the community for the community by the community.[/b] Just don't sit back and complain about others advertising their work by calling it spam. That's disrespectful, negative, regressive and only seeks to cause issues within the community. Sit up, take some concerted action and upload your own adverts for your work to us. It is widely known that we don't have many PotDs in the queue so why not take advantage of that fact and get some of your W.I.P shots up there? It is your prerogative to take the first steps in doing this, I won't chase you down for info and neither will my staff. It is your option, your choice and your work. You can choose to advertise it or not. If you choose not to show it off here then you really don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to issuing complaints about others advertising their work. As for news items about certain mods only being posted here - That is 100% bullshit. Straight out. We host what we get - developers of those mods uploaded their content to us we post it. Not because we have some deal done with them but because they are availing of the service we provide. Only some have done it including Co-Op Mod, Forge and Freelance. You should do the same. Take some pride in your work and upload it to the site. Set out your stall by letting everyone know about it. Upload PotDs and News items and even screenshot packs, alpha/pre-beta material for feedback and suggestions. Thats what this site is here for. Now you know what the protocol on the matter is. Therefore you have no excuses when it comes to uploading material or content to gain feedback from the community. Any questions you can post below.

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