Elite Force UT2004 Mod Being Planned

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This is kinda off-topic since it's for a different game, but then again it is kinda related too ;) It sounds interesting anyway!
[b]Modification Name :[/b] Star Trek UT [b]Progress :[/b] No progress as of yet [b]Game :[/b] UT2004 [b]Description:[/b] This MOD is called "TrekUT", it is a total conversion MOD for the game Unreal Tournament 2004. It's a game set in the Star Trek:TNG universe, and is not a remake, copy, direct sequel to Elite Force 1 or 2, its a brand new shooter in the Star Trek Universe. Here are some of the gameplay elements we hope to impliment: [list][*] Good AI: With the power of Unreal Engine 2.5 at our fingertips, we can make some very intelligent foes, as well as friends. [*] Interactive characters: We're aiming to have characters that have depth that goes beyond the polygons, and give you a real sense of feeling for the characters [*] Furious FPS action: Just because it's story based, doesnt mean it cant have a lot of action. Don't worry, this mod will be an FPS gamer's dream! [*] Intense Storyline: A full script and plot is being written out and it aint no cliche'...get immersed in the world. [*] Mind blowing graphics: High polygon models, static meshes, high resolution enviornment and character textures, all brought to life in Unreal Engine 2.5 [*] Vehicles: For driving on Martian terrain [*] Many Elements of Star Trek to be brought to life, such as ships, characters and even weapons! [*] Physics to be implemented...Karma Physics engine to be put to the test![/list]The mod is also looking to fill the following positions: -Voice Actors -Mappers -Texture Artists -Programmers -Designers -Modellers -Skinners -Animators -Musicians -Story writers This is basically going to be what fans of the Elite Force Genre have been dreaming about, and will be a great, immersive experience for those who arent fans of the game or the show. http://mods.moddb.com/3995/ http://www.trekutmod.tk/ If you're interested in helping out the mod, you should get in touch the Intel17 (Mod Leader) via the forums in the above link.

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