Elite Roleplaying Birthday RP Contest

By Scooter 19 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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It is my distinct pleasure to announce the premiere event in the Elite Force community: The Elite Roleplaying Birthday RP Contest. Elite Roleplaying was founded two years ago this Wednesday, and in commemoration of this we are hosting a Roleplaying Contest, complete with cool prizes and all! If you're new, we hope this will provide you an opportunity to shine. For members, hopefully this will rekindle your spirit if it's been lacking and give you a great group to roleplay with. In either case, please see our new contest information page at [url]http://www.eliterp.com/erp/contest.htm[/url] for more information. If you have any questions, please post them on our forums. We have also produced a video to help get the word out-it is available in two formats: [url="http://www.eliterp.com/erp/downloads/erp-promotion-low.zip"]Dial-Up/ISDN[/url] (2.5Mb) [url="http://www.eliterp.com/erp/downloads/erp-promotion-hi.zip"]Broadband[/url] (9Mb) Good luck and have fun!

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