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Published by AdmiralHocking 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


In the last few days we have received several files that do not meet or comply with the Submission Guidelines provided on the Upload Page. Unfortunately if your uploads do not meet these guidelines - there is a chance that the items you upload will not be hosted.

While the following are listed on the File Upload page, they have been placed here as well just in case you missed them when uploading your work.


  • All files must be uploaded with a readme document - stating what the file is, how to install it and also credit listing where it is due.
  • You must have permission to use other authors work, unless they have publicly stated that permission is not required and their work may be freely used or re-distributed.

Strong Recommendations:

  • When uploading files, it is highly recommended you use some form of compression. We recommend ZIP Compression above other forms, since multiple operating systems support the ZIP file format by default. Other compression formats require third party programs for usage and not everyone knows how to use such programs.
  • Including Screenshots gives the users the opportunity to get a look at exactly what it is they're downloading, before they do so. Including quality screenshots will give your submissions higher chances of being downloaded by the community.
  • If your file is difficult to install, or requires it's contents go in multiple locations; using installation programs makes using your file all that much easier for people. Especially those that struggle with file operations.

If your file is larger than 250MB, then you will need to upload it somewhere else and supply us with a link to where we can obtain the file, this can be done here.

An overview of your file submissions can also be found here.

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