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Published by Phenix (FN Old) 19 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
A team of mappers have teamed together to form “Mappers Guild”. This community will have tons of easy to follow tutorials and downloads, prefabs and more of what you want. Their site is not up yet but we will post more news when it is. Currently they have a IRC channel ( – channel: #mappersguild) which u can visit ask questions or even answer them. Their forums are @ , though they are not completely finished. The best part about this team is that u can add your tutorials, ask questions, answer questions (by other mappers), upload & download prefabs, and show off your maps! As well as chit chat ;) Wade (the person who made all the Stargate maps, like StarGate4Real & StarGate4Real2) is one of the co-admin, I’m the other. We are looking for staff at the moment.
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