Fragzzhost.com Relaunches

By Scooter 20 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Fragzzhost, a popular low-cost server hosting company, has relaunched this week after a server expansion. Fragzzhost servers are hosted in southern Sweden, offering low latency to all. Low prices such as £29 (about 30 euros) a month for a 12-player server of any game are lower than many of the major GSPs. Fragzzhost was started by a team of dedicated gamers who decided that they were sick of high prices, and unfriendly server administrators, so they decided to play the Server Hosting game themselves. Fragzzhost servers are hosted through a high-speed 110mbps SUNET line, on boxes with the following spec: HP Proliant ML530 G2 Dual 2.8Ghz Xeon Processors 2 Gb MB Sdram ECC PC1600 Triple 76gig SCSI hard drives in RAID 5 Fragzzhost offers private and public game servers for many games, and also many extras such as Stats packages or a TeamSpeak server for small amounts extra each month. They also offer FULL FTP and RCON access to our servers, so that you would have full control if you ordered a server from them. They accept payment by Paypal, UK Cheques, Cash and UK Postal Orders. The site also includes an advanced server control panel, which gives you the option to start / stop / restart or configure your server. Their new control panel also includes the ability to save configurations, and switch between different games instantly. Coming soon to customers will be the feature to schedule configuration or game changes. If you are a clanleader, or site owner, and want a server with minimal latency(lag!), please go to Fragzzhost's site, and take a look at their great servers, and great prices.

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