Hangin up the EF modder title

By Scooter 19 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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[quote]Hey all, I gots lotsa code sitting around here.. And I've been watching and peering into the EF world and sadly enough, based on what I've seen I've come to the following. As far as mods for EF I think I'm done, pretty much everything ecept SFFA will be put under the GPL and the source code will be released.. Instacube 2.0.. if someone is interested in pursuing this contact me, I'm done. The 1.5 code will be made available but the 2.0 Alpha code will be abandoned unless I find a compelling reason to release it. Arsenal.. will be released AS IS as soon as I have time to do so. It's been real.. it's been fun.. but I'm hanging up the EF Modder title.. Cheers to all that have supported me. I thank you. I encourage anyone who is making a mod to look at efadmin.. My favorite non-gameplay mod. The source code is there for download... I hope it is useful. ( [url="http://efadmin.game-host.org "]http://efadmin.game-host.org[/url] ) Cheers. Shafe evilshafe at hotmail dot com[/quote]

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