Interview With James Monroe

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Published by Pro-Filer 20 years ago , last updated 3 years ago
Over at Raven they have posted a interview with James Monroe, the subject being capture that flag. They talk about team play and communication between you and the AI. They even talk about when the tools are likely to come out so people can start making there own mods. Go here to take a look Here is a quote from the interview:~
celtic88: How did the team come up with the idea of using the Star Trek theme as your next game? James: We thought of many different stories, but when we were presented with the chance to do Star Trek, we jumped at it! Many of us here are big-time trekkies. Originally, we were given the Insurrection movie license and we started on a storyline for that concept. Later Activision acquired the rights to Voyager and we switched over due to the scheduling of the movie and our release. celtic88: How many people worked on the game's AI and how long did it take? James: Well, 3 people worked on the code in the end. It started with me and Mike Gummelt, and then Josh Weir joined in later on. It was a group effort over the length of the project. We went through many iterations working our way toward the final product. Short answer: about a year.
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