Mod Preview: RPG-XteX - Boldly going where no re-tex has gone before!

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Published by Luke20 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


A news story now, submitted by Jonathan Kent all about the upcoming release of his RPG-X 2.0 retexture!

Hello there, your resident Temporal Agent here. I have been mostly inactive on RPG-X for some time, but I used to be quite the player. more than that, I did a great deal of modding, most of which never saw the light of day here on EFfiles. Well that is about to change. After seeing the recent release of the RPG-X 2.- betas, EFR, and in general the renewed spirit of progress in the community I was motivated to finish my largest and best mod.


RPG-XteX is what its called. An RPG-X re-tex. It replaces or alters a great deal of the textures in the mod to give it more color and atmosphere. Specifically a more post-nemesis/pre-endgame feel, the timeframe which the mod was already made for. But more than that, it is also a custom-kit for those seeking a more tricked-out bridge. This mod takes full advantage of the easy drop-in-take-out mentality of pk3s. There are enough combinations of customizeable content in this mod to redefine the Vulcan IDIC, but at the same time if messing with paks isnt your thing the basic install is no more difficut than any other mod.

This was by no means easy. The file heierarchy of RPG-X is complicated, and it has taken many pk3 compiles and recompiles to get everything running, not to mention the constant need to carefully balance visual styles. Over the early course of making the mod I began to make little exploitations of the pk3 system. A pak with a better nebula here, an alternate carpet there, eventually I overcame my GFX-phobia and broke into the transporters. I couldn't stop. Hence there are now over 20 unique transporters from all races and eras, each with its own unique sound. While doing pre-production for my machinima, I discovered I would need differently colored nebulae and star fields depending on my exterior shots. And thus there are a variety of custom nebulae and stars for both atlantis and the common starfields. One day, I decided to scratch an itch that had been there since I first turned on RPG-X. I enhanced the nemesis uniforms. Then I figured you couldn't have nemesis uniforms without nemesis hazard suits. Then I figured you might as well have the option of an EVA suit instead. So now you have those options should you desire to step into the sleek century.

To quote Enterprise, "Its been a long road". I was working mostly alone on the creation aspects of the mod. I essentially had to re-make RPG-X on a textural basis, several times over. Buggy pk3s, a dead external hard drive, legalities, and other life issues all conspired to delay the mod release. But in the end the extra time only served to allow me the space and inspiration to add more features than I ever imagined I would.

This mod has evolved from a textural nit-pick-fixer to a massive custom kit for SRP admins, machinima filmers, and players who want to push their RP where no one has RP'ed before.

Best of All? Its coming exclusively to EFfiles this week.

It would never have been possible without the encouragement and vastly helpful input of Luke, AKA The Tenth Doctor, so I would like to take this chance to thank him for all the hours he spent helping me plot this out.

I'd also like to thank IKS_Yo_Mama and Luke for allowing me the honor of a spot in the news, its much appreciated!

Now... Do I hear a call for some pre-screens? Hold onto your EVA-Helmets!

~ Jonathan Kent.

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