New nVidia Stereo Drivers - Improved 3D Support for the eDimensional E-D Glasses

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Attention to the people who have purchased or are considering purchasing the eDimensaionl E-D Glasses as reviewed by EFFiles.com:[quote]Alexandria, VA (March 2003)--- eDimensional, Inc. the leading provider of consumer PC virtual reality products and accessories including the renown patented E-D Glasses, announces enhanced drivers created for the use of the E-D glasses in conjunction with nVidia video cards. Leading 3-D graphics company nVidia Corp. has released new E-D glasses stereo drivers for use with all of their video cards. The stereo drivers include added functionality that enhances graphics, game play, and simulation performance. The drivers have been streamlined to work with the newest technology utilized in the most popular game titles out today. The list of games has increased in size making the newest games perform even better in 3-D. Additionally, the new interface is easier to use, setup, and configure. Users with 'multimedia' keyboards now have full control over the hotkeys for in-game 3-D adjustments without conflicts. Key updates were made to conform to new standards that allow computer peripherals to work flawlessly together. Support for DirectX 9 and openGL 1.4 has been included in this update while coding was added to increase frame rates and enhance gameplay. eDimensional is constantly striving to enhance features and compatibility of the E-D glasses and provide the most robust support available. The new drivers for nVidia users are the first of several new forthcoming releases by eDimensional to provide an even broader range of support for all users on virtually any system configuration. Stay tuned to [url="http://www.edimensional.com"]eDimensional.com[/url] over the coming weeks for additional non-nVidia announcements. The 40 series drivers are available immediately for download on the eDimensional website at [url="http://www.eDimensional.com/software_updates.html"]http://www.eDimensional.com/software_updates.html[/url]. eDimensional, Inc. is a Virginia based technology company with offices in both the United States and United Kingdom whose mission is to provide the latest in virtual reality technologies to all consumers at a very affordable price. The company has been featured at various trade-shows, on television, in magazines, on Internet web sites and more. Additional information can be obtained by visiting the company's Web site at www.eDimensional.com or the contacting company sales department, at [email][email protected][/email].[/quote]To download the updated 3D Drivers, [url="http://www.eDimensional.com/software_updates.html"]click here[/url]. To read EFFiles.com's review of this amazing product, Click here!

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