New Star Trek game coming soon

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Published by Gez 16 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
The newest Star Trek game should be headed our way in September 2006! It will be called Star Trek Legacy and will be developed by Mad Doc Studios for the PC and Xbox 360. You should be able to check out this new information in the Febuary edition of Game Informer Magazine. The domain has been registered by Paramount. * player action/strategy up to 8-players via x-box live or pc internet . * Spans all shows, with a single player campaign. * The campaign is split into 3 time periods ent, tos, tng incluging ds9 and voyager and based on the next generation show "congagion". An ancient species called the Iconians that have time travel technology and I guess a Vulcan scientist called Sovac has gone mad and is trying to create a logical utopia. Using the technology of the Iconians. He makes some bad choices in alliances (borg) which creates some kind of Borg/Iconinan abomination. Finishing with all the captians from all the timelines working together in the climax. * You start with the Nx-01 then add up to 3 of 4 ships to you fleet. Earning command points that you can use to upgrade, or purchase new ships. Click [url=]here[/url] for more information.
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