New Star Trek MMORPG in the works?

19 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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It seems that plans for a new Star Trek game have been 'leaked'! Here's the scoop from STGU:

Seems to be quite some excitement in the STGU camp today regarding the possibility of a 'leaked' new Star Trek Game on the horizon, and I think for the benefit of the clueless, it's worth recapping what's been happing. It came to STGU's attention earlier today through a message board post at the Official Star Trek Website (http://www.startrek.com/) that fans had come across information that a new Star Trek game, tentitivley titled [b]Star Trek Online[/b] was on it's way. This was backed up by the SciFi Universe website (http://www.scifiuniverse.cjb.net/), who posted links to images on the official Star Trek Website's server for possible inclusion on the site at a future date. Putting the description error aside, this image fits with the existing theme of the official site, and it's location on their server peaked more than a few eyebrows. Even though no official announcement has been made regarding these rumours, the message board post and the images on the webserver were removed earlier today after word spread... Here at STGU, we are excited at the possibilities a MMORPG would bring to the Star Trek Gaming community, and we have high hopes an official press release will be revealed shortly. Keep your eyes on the Star Trek Gaming Universe for all the latest news regarding this, as we already have plans in place to ensure the community has the news and resources on this or any future title from day one, because this is what the community has been waiting for and therefore is what STGU has been prepared for! http://dynamic2.gamespy.com/~starmada/forum/showthread.php?t=4928 http://dynamic2.gamespy.com/~starmada/forum/showthread.php?t=4926

Here's more info on the SciFi Universe website: http://www.scifiuniverse.cjb.net/news/gamingannouncementparamount.html Exciting news if it does turn out to be true!

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