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Published by AdmiralHocking 13 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
First of all, let me start by saying that we are very grateful to those that continually upload images into our PoTD Queue - without fail - to provide this sites visitors with something new to look at on a regular basis. On a more serious note; Over the past few days I have noticed tensions rising in the PoTD comment section in regards to how users rate images. In the past people have gotten upset for receiving low ratings on their images and I can unfortunately see it happening again, now. The rating system is in place to allow users to express their opinion on an image without the need to comment. Some how low ratings are being taken as extremely offensive. Consider if you disliked an image and subsequently rated it low; are you trying to attack or hurt the person that sent in the image? No. In addition, if a person rates an image low - they do have the option to comment as well. If the comment is perfectly within the comment posting rules, is not flammatory or derogatory; then that comment has every reason to be left where it is and the person whom posted it shouldn't feel like they're going to be attacked for disliking an image. The rating on the PoTDs, are just numbers - they are not hate letters, weapons or tools of destruction. Please do not take them so hostilely.
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