Press Release - Asteroid Base Release TWO

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-- PRESS RELEASE -- FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION -- January 17 2005 PREVIEW OF APPRENTICE’S HIGHLY ANTICIPATED SECOND RELEASE OF THE MAP “ASTEROID BASE” FOR RAVENSOFT'S FPS STAR TREK® VOYAGER: ELITE FORCE -- OVERVIEW Apprentice is proud to present a preview for its widely anticipated second release of the map “Asteroid Base” for the First Person Shooter Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. The map is a StarFleet base build in, on & around a large asteroid and has been made for the Holomatch part of the game which is required to be patched to version 1.2 by either the 1.2 patch or the expansion pack. Without it, some elements may not appear and could lead to that this map is unplayable. It has been in development for two years and after countless alpha versions, three beta versions and on release version, the time has come to release an updated version in the form of Release TWO. Release TWO shall be released on Friday, January 21st 2005 at 0:00 CET. Other then the beta versions and Release ONE, shall Release TWO be only released as PLAYABLE version. The name PLAYABLE shall also be dropped. The reason for this, is that the three versions (Full, Playable, Split-up) are not compatible with one another, so to eliminate this problem, I’ve decided to drop the three release versions and release the map in one single file. ABOUT APPRENTICE Apprentice is a twenty-eight year old mapper/gamer of Dutch origin who currently resides in a large village above the capital of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Known as a skilled player of a largely scale of FPS games (Unreal, Elite Force, Half-Life/Day of Defeat, Jedi Oudcast, Jedi Academy), he is also known as a skilled mapper which “career” began in 2002. In January of the year 2003, Apprentice released two screenshots which ultimately lead to the map “Asteroid Base”. Because of the large scale of Asteroid Base, Apprentice is looking for additional help, especially in the LCARS textures development. If you think you have the talent and the ability to create (highly detailed) LCARS textures, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or go to www.apprentice.tk and use the BBS. --

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