Re-Introducing Crackpatch

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Published by Pille 15 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
There is probably noone out there in the Elite Force community who has never heard of "Crackpatch" who had a very essential part on the developement of RPG-X and older mods such as the "Star Trek Nemesis" mod (Status: Cancelled). As I belonged to the founding-members on this I was one of the first in it who got to know him, and over the last years he became an irreplaceable and amazing friend of mine. Although he unfortunately decided to leave the Elite Force community he is still around from time to time, and so we decided to see what he has been up to since then. We hope you enjoy reading this, a few more interviews with retired community members may come. Suggestions, critics and general comments are always welcome! :) ========================================================== [b]Not too long ago you decided to basically leave the Elite Force community as it was too inactive for your taste. What have you been doing since then?[/b] Well, I did more 3D stuff on higher detail, meaning renderings of ships, still images and movies. I have helped a fan trek project (Made the first flyby and the intro movie), also I've been doing more in real life. [b]With the release of RPG-X 2 ahead, how would you personally rate the current state of the Elite Force community?[/b] RPG-X 2 sounds very promising, but EF gets outdated and that's why more people will choose games with more detail. There are also 2 projects for half life 2 in the works, EF:TC is elite force for hl2, if/when that's finished I'm sure the ef-community will grow, but for now I see it dieing. [b]Looking back on your career you took part on several projects, added by your own such as the Nova class map (which unfortunately was never finished). From your today's view, is there any of these you are especially proud or maybe disappointed of?[/b] Well I've never taken real parts in projects, or it's just too long ago lol. It was too bad that my nova class never got finished, but I encountered thousands of mapping errors and that meant starting all over... I'm not really proud or disappointed in what i did, it was all just for fun. [b]Well as we are talking about projects, you were in fact the main modeller for the "Nemesis Project" which was cancelled back in 2005. The project was always called too over-ambitious and yet we see people keep trying similar mods today. As a former insider, what do you think about this topic?[/b] I think there are too many projects, all kinds of people just start a project to see where it's going. I don't know exactly how many projects there are out there atm, but let's jsut say I only know a few projects of which I think they will be succesful... [b]To come back to your person now, so far we talked about what you did in the past. What are your plans for the future though?[/b] Doing more highly detailed 3D stuff, maybe even creating a trek-based movie together with some other people. [b]When you say a Trek-based movie, does that mean with real actors or rather completly with 3D-Models?[/b] Well, my brother and I are thinking about real actors. Currently my brother is looking trough the best cheapest way to get the results as good as they can be for amateurs. [b]That sounds very promising. Can you give us some more info about the movie, e.g. storyline, Trek era and other plans?[/b] We haven't given it much thought yet, first we want to know wether we can actually do the project. Also we're going to start simple, like creating a newsshow, testing capabilities before going to a big project. [b]Sounds like a plan. Do you already have an idea when we can expect the first updates about this?[/b] I'm affraid not, nothing is sure yet... [b]Your brother and you are both known as former staff members of this site - we could in fact be called collegues. From that time to today, what do you think about the general developement of this site?[/b] Well for a time it seemed to have paused, but now with you in the staff I see the site active again, which is good ofcourse. [b]Thank you for the compliment. The main reason why I asked though is that several people in the community including me hope that although you quitted modding you will still be around with us there. So to ask it straight away, is that going to be the case?[/b] Well I will keep visiting the site, but I don't think I'll play ef anymore, or maybe once a month. The whole old ef-community is gone, which I really liked, the current, well, isn't that attractive... [b]Thank you very much for the interview and your open words. We wish you all the best for the future![/b] Thank you and same for you.
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