Regarding 1.3 Contest Maps...

By Scooter 19 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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[quote]All is not lost as far as the contest maps go. The maps will have to be looked at in Radiant by the maps' authors, because most of the Update Mod entities and their corresponding keys have changed. All the mapper will have to do is make sure the keys and spawnflags match what's in the new Update Mod entity set, and then recompile his or her map. Otherwise, doors will open wrong, useables won't do what they used to do, plats, doors, trains, etc looping and custom sounds won't work... Things like that won't work. But it'll be easy to get the map up to the newest Update Mod code compatibility, it'll just take some patience with going through EVERY Update Mod entity and making sure the checkmarks are in the right spot and the keys and values are still valid.[/quote]

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