RPG-X 2 - Interview with the Lead-Modeller TiM!

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Published by Pille 15 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
As there was some great public - and as I admit as well personal - interest into this I have spontaneously decided to interview TiM about the current progress of the RPG-X 2 mod. A great thankyou goes to TiM for taking almost half an hour for answering our questions as well as to Com-man who participated on the interview as well to represent the RP community. Here is the interview in full length. :) ======================================================== [b]Pille:[/b] How far is the current RPG-X 2 developement process? [b]TiM:[/b] At the moment, I'd say a good 80% done. Pretty much all of the features I wanted to add this release are in and Phenix is finishing off a few of his own now, so it's just a matter of finishing off the loose ends and adding the new assets now. [b]Pille:[/b] Which changes over the current RPG-X 1.1 release will be included? [b]TiM:[/b] RPG-X v2 has quite a few new features. The biggest of them I would say is the re-engineered player model system where the Q3 system for loading models has been re-written to allow a more complex set of models to be brought in. From there, we've added new player abilities such as additional gestures, emotes and facial animation. Aside from that, we have a new UI set as well as a lot more server administration features. [b]Com-man:[/b] Are you also planning an EF2 release? [b]TiM:[/b] Haha not at this time. From what I've seen, EF2 has radically different architecture compared to EF. If we were to make an EF2 variant, I think we'd have to start the whole thing over from scratch. [b]Pille:[/b] On your more recent POTDs we could see quite a variation of uniforms and available classes. What classes will be included in the final release? [b]TiM:[/b] Hehe at the moment, the new uniform sets are mainly for the ranking system more than the classes. Although for classes such as the Alien class, I'm exploring what other skinsets may be needed. At current, the same classes as the previous versions will be included. However, in this release, we've added a new scripting system that will let server admins create their own classes that can be substituted on the server instead of the default ones. This is better than RPG-X v1.1 where the classes were hardcoded. [b]Pille:[/b] Talking about the uniforms, we have seen several of those beeing created and already shown in use. Will the rank/class choice of a player activly influence the uniform he/she wears? [b]TiM:[/b] Yes, at the moment, I've created cadet and admiral variants to complement the standard Starfleet uniform. In the interests of flexibility, I've made it so the ranks and skins systems aren't directly linked to each other. Although off by default, there is also a serverside command that will force player's skins to the color of their class. So, technically speaking, I suppose the ranks/classes only passively affect the player's skinset. [b]Com-man:[/b] Will you include changes to the player's HUD or the chat system? [b]TiM:[/b] Well in regards to chatting. The only difference I've made is that admins can choose to not receive local based messages now. As for the HUD, there have been a few changes to the positioning of the elements on screen, mainly the weapons menu is now displayed on the side of the screen in rows for easier viewing. We're considering changing the health box to something a little more visual than textual as well, but I'm not sure how that will go right now. [b]Pille:[/b] In RPG-X 1.0/1.1 the "USS Poseidon-B" and others were included as special maps. Are similar maps planned for the new release as well? [b]TiM:[/b] Yes, there are. We have a new map in development, the USS Atlantis (Originally code-named the Poseidon-C) that takes advantage of some of the new mapping features that RPG-X v2 provides. [b]Com-man:[/b] Mapping features, that sounds interesting to me, could you please tell us a bit about them? [b]TiM:[/b] The main features include a few more visual FX entities, primarily ones from EF SP, as well as a scannable usable system where you can scan a panel with a tricorder and it will display information about that panel a la EF SP Virtual Voyager mode. Phenix is also currently doing some experiments to see if there are any ways to optimise entity usage so that bigger maps can be made too. [b]Pille:[/b] On behalf of a big part of my MSN contact list, is there already a release time scheduled for the mod? [b]TiM:[/b] Haha I never like to set anything in stone, but I am seriously hoping for some time in the next month or so. [b]Com-man:[/b] My final "question" would be if there is anything you'd like to say to the Elite Force Role-Playing Community? [b]TiM:[/b] Hrmm... I guess I'd like to say, thank you very much for your support. I think a good portion of this mod has been made off of suggestions made on the RPG-X board. If you get the chance, come over to the RPG-X forum! Thanks for sticking around, helping out, and I hope you'll enjoy this mod! [b]Com-man:[/b] I'm sure we will. [b]Pille:[/b] Thank you very much for taking your time to answer our questions, we are definately looking forward to the mod! ==================================================== Thank you all for your attention, and special thanks to Com-man and of course TiM again for the interview!! Hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed making it. :)
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