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Published by Luke20 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


It seems to me that as a hub of everything Elite Force related, EFfiles should be able to inform players old and new about clans and groups that they might be interested in becoming involved in, or simply to show players what is out there, so to speak. Our weekly article RPG-X Group Profile aims to give you the low-down on a particular roleplaying group within the Elite Force 1 community.

This week, I'm talking to Ross "Khamseen"; head of the HoloFederation Roleplay group.

  • EFfiles: Hello Ross, when and why did you form Holo Federation? Ross: Holo Federation was founded on November 22nd 2007 by myself, Telex Ferra and CM Joshua. Originally myself and Telex were part of the Unistar Roleplay community and we had been running a lot of RP's based in the 28th century using ideas from stories I had written years ago. We decided after a time that it would be worth creating our own community to help us share the story with the rest of the community via our SRP.
  • EFfiles: What sort of style roleplays do you run? Any weekly gatherings? Ross: Currently we have the Holo Fed SRP which runs Sundays at 1900 GMT and is planned and coordinated by the admin staff. We also have Star Trek: Sovereignty which runs Fridays at 2300 GMT run by Alexander Wendaltz and Star Trek: Ariana, run by Victor Ludwig, which is starting this Saturday (17.01.2008) at 2000 GMT. However, both our servers are 24/7 and therefore available at any point for RP's.
  • EFfiles: Can you tell us about your main SRP? Ross: The Holo Fed SRP is the oldest of our current SRP's available and is based onboard the experimental USS Relativity in the 28th century. Season 1 was set with the vessel trapped 400 years in the past, striving to return home and save their civilisation. Season 2 (the current season, we're on Episode 13 this week) is set back in the 28th century and follows the crew as they help us to better understand the universe in the 28th century.

(A trailer for season two of HF's SRP can be found here!)

EFfiles: How many admins do you have? What are their responsibilities in your group's operation?

Ross: We currently have 5 admins though 1 of them has been rather inactive. The admin team shares responsibility equally and no administrative actions are carried out unless the majority of the team agrees. All admins are responsible for monitoring our forums and both our servers.

EFfiles: Its fair to say that back at the end of 2007 / start of 2008, Holo Federation had become a very popular group from the outset. Why do you think this is?

Ross: If I knew, I would tell you. To be honest I was shocked by how quickly we grew and by how popular we became, I really didn't expect it. If I had to guess (from the way I feel in the community), I would say it's because we're all rather like minded people who just had the good fortune of finding one another. We all enjoy a good laugh and joke and we all enjoy Star Trek in a fun and relaxing environment.

EFfiles: What is the sort of average turnout at RP events and how many players do you get on your servers at other times?

Ross: During our main SRP we used to get much higher numbers but now it's probably about 10 or so people on a weekly basis, still have some of the regulars though that have been faithful from the start and we've picked up a few good additions to the RP as well. During non SRP times I think it's safe to say that most RP's run with about 4 - 5 people like most of the servers seem to be just now.

EFfiles: What do you think you can offer players that other groups cannot?

Ross: To be honest, I am not too sure if there is anything we can offer that other groups wont. Don't want to go biting the hand that feeds :P. But suffice to say we will always welcome people to the group and try our best to make them feel comfortable and deal with any problems they may be having (RPG-X or otherwise).

EFfiles: Finally, what would you say to those looking at the interview, maybe wanting a new group to join, or those simply wanting to learn more?

Ross: I think that everyone looks for different things and that's probably why there are so many groups out there, but if you have read this and like something you've seen or want to know more about anything then just drop by and we'll be happy to say hello.

You can reach HoloFederation's website here and learn more about this group and it's roleplaying timetables.

Until next week, and another group review! :)

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