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Published by Luke20 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


It seems to me that as a hub of everything Elite Force related, EFfiles should be able to inform players old and new about clans and groups that they might be interested in becoming involved in, or simply to show players what is out there, so to speak. Our weekly article RPG-X Group Profile aims to give you the low-down on a particular roleplaying group within the Elite Force 1 community.

This week, I'm talking to Leila head of L-RP about her group and it's activities.

  • EFfiles: Hello there Leila, when and why did you form L-RP? Leila: I formed L-RP around august - october 2008, we we're only a group of friends then who had an idea about creating a group.
  • EFfiles: What sort of style roleplays do you run? Any weekly gatherings? Leila: We have one running Serial Roleplay every Friday. It's our weekly gathering i guess.
  • EFfiles: Can you tell us about your SRP? Leila: It's about a starbase in the delta quadrant during the TNG era, that was built when federation discovered alien technology that could create an artificial wormhole. Because it's before voyager, the RP is open to creation of new species as the delta quadrant was still unknown. We don't take much material from voyager, i like to keep the plots open to new ideas.
  • EFfiles: How many admins do you have in your group? What are their functions? Leila: We have 3 admins, myself as one. My role is to just keep an eye on the server and manage bans if needed. Lazereth, hosts our server and helps out with problems on the server, either technical or n00b. Scotty is a helping hand, 2 admins were not quite enough and myself and Lazereth could not keep the server safe all the time, that's why Scotty joined in.
  • EFfiles: L-RP has been one of the more persistant and successful smaller roleplay groups in the community. Where do you think you have suceeded where others have failed? Leila: We had a good community based on friends. We had our share of problems such as Alex Munro, but getting him out of the way, we stopped having much problems at all. His ban also put away any issues we had with HTRP and we managed to sort out all problems between the two groups.
  • EFfiles: What is the sort of average turnout at RP events and how many players do you get on your servers at other times? Leila: It mostly depends on the basic activity on the community. During SRP's we had about 6-7 members. During the winter holiday period we had lots of activity on the server, now it gone down a bit since everyone has some work to do including myself.
  • EFfiles: What do you think you can offer players that other groups cannot? Leila: We can offer them a place to make friends and keep in touch with them. I believe it's very important to get to know every member, and so do other members here. We're all friends with each other here.
  • EFfiles: Finally, what would you say to those looking at the interview, maybe wanting a new group to join, or those simply wanting to learn more? Leila: Well, I guess if you RP on our server or if you know someone from our group, you can join us, or if you're new and want to learn how to RP, our staff is available to help out and everyone would be glad to teach you how to RP. Everyone is welcome.

You can reach L-RP's website here and learn more about this group and it's roleplaying timetables.

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