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Published by Luke20 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


It seems to me that as a hub of everything Elite Force related, EFfiles should be able to inform players old and new about clans and groups that they might be interested in becoming involved in, or simply to show players what is out there, so to speak. Our new weekly article RPG-X Group Profile aims to give you the low-down on a particular roleplaying group within the Elite Force 1 community.

This week, I'm talking to Kaialin; head of ST-O-RP (Star Trek Online Roleplay) about what his group is all about!

  • EFfiles: So, Kaialin, when and why did you form Star Trek Online Roleplay? Kaialin: Well the original st-o-rp admin team started roleplaying together as a group of friends on the Holo-Federation server. Eventually I decided to make our friendship expand into a group and it all went from there... We started back in December 07.
  • EFfiles: What sort of style roleplays do you run? Any weekly gatherings? Kaialin: We have a weekly SRP, called Star Trek Banting at 8pm GMT Fridays and we have various roleplays during the week with anyone who happens to be on the server.
  • EFfiles: Could you tell us a little about this Star Trek: Banting SRP? Kaialin: Star Trek Banting has been around for a year now, we are in the 3rd season of the srp, and it is based on the crew of the USS Banting-B, although when it started it was the USS Banting, but she was de-commissioned... we had the map USS Salem-A retextured to fit what we wished for and the retexture is public but only available on the st-o-rp forum.
  • EFfiles: How many admins do you have? Kaialin: We have seven admins for the server although a couple are inactive.
  • EFfiles: How many players do you usually have on your server at average? Kaialin: The server is not in use some of the time but when it is for a normal roleplay its 4-8 and at srp time is 8-10.
  • EFfiles: What do you think you can offer players that other groups cannot? Kaialin: I think that even though we are a small group, you can always expect a warm friendly welcome, with simple but enjoyable roleplays every time.
  • EFfiles: Finally, what would you say to those looking at the interview, maybe wanting a new group to join, or those simply wanting to learn more? Kaialin: You can always expect a warm welcome and those wishing to join are very much welcome anytime. Happy new year!

You can reach ST-O-RP's website here and learn more about this group and it's roleplaying timetables.

Next week I will be taking a look at another roleplaying group. What differences will it have from ST-O-RP? Stay tuned!

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