SpaceStation K7 Debuts TOS Map Section

21 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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FishDS9 sent an update of what all is happening at SpaceStation K7: [quote]SpaceStation K7 webmaster HorckDude has just debuted a new area of K7 called the Map Section! To access this area head over to http://www.k7efdepot.headpress.net/bridge and take the turbolift to the bridge. We currently have a selection of 5 TOS based maps to download and will soon be adding Synchromesh's Enterprise III masterpiece to our selections upon its release. So beam on over to K7 and check it out along with previews of Toonloon's latest skin creations, news and info on the much anticipated TOS Season 4 Mod - The Argas Effect and info on the Enterprise III map by Synchromesh. Screenshot Mondays at K7 have been put on hold because if we post anymore pics we won't have anything left to astonish you with when we release the first part of the mod. However, we will still keep you up to date with news and release info on the mod. FishDS9[/quote] Quite a bit to look forward to, Enterprise III and the S4 Mod! The Map Section has been done very nicely, btw :D http://www.k7efdepot.headpress.net/bridge

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