Star Trek: Freelance - new 'features' video and site updates

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Published by Luke20 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Its been a busy week for the modders of Star Trek: Freelance, an upcoming Elite Force 1 single player modification. Creator Griffin Endurance has released a new video showing off the features of his project.

Take a look at it!

So what does this video show us about an otherwise very secretive work in progress? Well, it seems that the first section of gameplay is part of a training mission where the objectives (according to the T.E.D.) are to get inside of and then assualt a complex of some kind, whilst rescuing a Starfleet officer. The going back and forth between maps is something that we've not quite seen before with Elite Force (Virtual Voyager and Holodeck missions are somewhat similar). We didn't get a good look at the hostiles in this video, but they appear to be Human.

The second part of the video shows us the 'choices' option, which is very similar to Elite Force 2's choice system. The mission is the first in the game (according to a handy script I have here, of which I will reveal nothing else of!), and involves the player's shuttle arriving at a damaged Nebula-class starship and beaming over. The interesting thing about this system is that you can decide NOT to go and investigate the ship, and the story follows on from that. On board the ship, activating the warp core causes a breach, at which stage you could either beam out straight away or attempt to stop the detonation. This makes it all very dynamic and a major part of what Freelance will be about.

Excellent work here from G.E, and a very good tease of things to come! Of course, we'll have all the latest news here. Go and visit the Freelance site for daily updates and loads of screenshots! :)

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