The Forge Is Revealed...

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After months of hints and foreshadowing, as well as a few weeks of somewhat annoyed speculation by the community, the Forge has been 'revealed' today (See related PotD). [b]Star Trek: Unity - Vengeance of the Forge[/b] will be a multimedia project covering several aspects of the EF games & community. Here is a short preview video:
"[b]Vengeance[/b]" will include a new EF1 single player mod: an un-official sequel to the plot of the first game. With a number of community members involved with the project, the mod is currently in the mapping stage, with a series of missions being planned. In addition to this, there will be a serial roleplay for the RPG-X community, run by the [b]ST-O-RP[/b] group, exploring the events leading up to the mod's plot, and this roleplay will be expanded further with a number of machinima and live-action episodes, continuing the amateur Star Trek: Unity fan film series (starring Elite Force Review contributors Ian Pidgley, Luke Sutton and Flic French, as well as modder Jonathan Kent). Finally, EF2 will get some action with a new, improved release of "[b]The Return Of The Empty Crown[/b]", a mod that has been in development for several years. This too will be re-worked to fit into the "Forge" plotline. The release for both mods is still some time away, but the serial roleplay will begin next Tuesday. For details, visit the [url="http://www.st-o-rp.co.cc"]ST-O-RP website[/url]. They hope to see you come along! Meanwhile, the latest [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzWdB7IVFng"]live-action episode[/url] was released a few weeks ago, and is available to watch on YouTube, although it wraps up the previous series' story threads before dealing with Forge-related ones (Keep your ears open for an Etherian-style creature and look out for brief HoloFed and Banting cameos!). The Machinima series will begin within the month. More details and news on that soon. Whilst all five sections of the project are being worked on now and are making good, steady progress, project leader Luke80 AKA The Tenth Doctor AKA Luke Sutton is looking for modders, mappers, voice talents and anyone else willing to help out. He can be contacted through the [url="http://www.efreview.net"][b]Elite Force Review[/b] website[/url], which also has exclusive Forge-related content for you to view. There will be an online discussion this Friday at 20:00 GMT on the RPG-X IRC channel concerning the project. As always, Elite Force Files will keep you up to date with this project, and we look forward to seeing as it progresses. [i]The Forge Is Now Collecting...................[/i]

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