Trepidation Mod Team in need of additional help

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Published by Pille 13 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
The team of the standalone game "Trepidation" are in need of additional help. Here is some general info about the game:
Trepidation is a first person shooter set in the future based on the GPL IOQ3 Quake Engine. Trepidation features all new weapons, maps and vehicles.. Currently planned game types are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, Last Man Standing, Arsenal, Instagib and a few others to be announced. Trepidation intends to be a 100% free GPL multiplayer first person shooter based on the IOQ3 Quake 3 Engine. The game media will also be GPL/Open Source so that others can improve and expand upon. Trepidation will include many standard gametypes such as DM, TDM, and CTF with instagib options, as well as the introduction 2-4 new gametypes. Each game mode will have additional attributes that can be activated via the configuration such as wall jumping, double/multijumping, instagib,multiflag and return the flag (for flag based games). Trepidation will introduce new aspects to the physics of the Q3 engine, The new physics are geared towards trick jumping with weapons and high speed jumping. Trepidation also introduces air and land vehicles, something that hasn't been seen in similar projects. Trepidation will also include an improved 'unlagged' network code based on unlagged 2.0 but more finely tuned to the new physics present. The project will utilize a modified version of the GPL dpmaster for the 'master' server code base. The game will have ports for *nix, *BSD, Win32 and possibly an OSX port. OpenAL will be used for sound. Surround sound supported. AVI video capture of demos, Ogg Vorbis & MP3 support. Much improved QVM tools and a well documented SDK for mod authors. MinGW compilation support on Windows and cross-compilation on Linux, which is already included in the IOQ3 Project.
The following is the forum post by EvilShafe with more detailed info on what they need:
The Trepidation project is currently seeking talent capable of creating player models (and models in general). We are particularly looking for members of the EF community to assist in our project, as EF is the main inspiration. Things to know about Trepidation: - 100% Free.. It's a complete stand alone game, no EF required, no Q3 Required. - Player Models from both EF and Q3 are supported so if you can make player models for either of those games.. get in touch! - Media will be licensed under the creative commons license... that is basically feel free to use it.. source does not have to be made available. - We have made tremendous progress on this and are nearing the first public alpha release. Check out our website for screenshots and a rather old video of the game. If your interested get on our forums and holler. :)
Their website can be found here, you can as well find four example-screenshots of their current level progress, which is already pretty impressive, below. :)
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