Trepidation Team looking for testers - Your chance!

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Published by Pille 13 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
The Trepidation team is currently looking for testers, which is your chance to become a part of it without any mapping or scripting skills. Here is what they need:
With the Trepidation Development Team scattered across the globe, it's been extremely difficult when it comes to testing and trying to get a decent crowd on a server when there's only a dozen or so of us in the first place. Thus far we've managed, however we are to a point where we are testing out some new gametypes that bots cant play, and we need to try to push the server load a bit further to see if all the new stuff lags out with a fairly decent size crowd. So.. Yeah.. we are looking for for some folks interested in giving it a spin in it's current state. It's worth noting that A lot of the artwork is not complete and/or missing. Most of what You'll see aside from the levels themselves are placeholders.. If Your Interested... Download Here: With all of the test servers we have about 90 player slots. The gametype we're most interested in testing is the title namesake... A gametype called Trepidation. The server is called Trepidation. Here's the lowdown: ----------------------------------- TREPIDATION (g_gamemode 3) A Team based game where the object is to destroy the other team's Reactor/Master Controller to make a point for your team. Classes: Not yet defined, but will be based on the races in the storyline. Both teams are givin 55 seconds to build a master controller at the start of each round or after each score. If the team fails to build one, one will be built automatically in a random spot on the map (most likely in a spot difficult to defend). Master Controller: The master controller must be destroyed by weapons fire or other such explosives. Destroying the MC will require multiple hits. When a sheild generator is present the MC becomes shielded and will regenerate. 2 shield generators will offer more protection and cause the MC to generate to a higher level of health. A sheilded MC can be taken out without taking out the shield generators however it will take a significant amount of firepower, also so long as the shield generator(s) are operational, the MC's shield and health will regenerate. Once it has sustained enough fire to take out the shield the shield will not re-activate and regeneration stops, regardless if a shield generator is present. Shield Generators Each team can have up to 2 shield generators (1 at the start of the game). The shield generator is used to power shielding on the MC. So long at least one shield generator is active the health of the MC will regenerate. 2 Shield generators offer double the protection and the MC's health will generate twice as high as it would without any shield generators. Turrets A limited number of turrets can be created to help protect your MC and sheild generators. Turrets will seek and fire upon any enemy within the turret's range. There are 3 types of turrets available throughout the game, better turrets become available as the game progresses. The 3 different types are: Basic Turret: Basic turrets will fire machine gun fire at a target. Basic turrets are the primary turret available at the start of the game. Basic can be shot down fairly easily and cause very little damage. Shielded Turret: Shielded turrets are tougher than the basic turret, the turret's health regenerates and the turret itself is protected by a sheild. Eventually with enough damage the shield will drop and the turret's health will cease to regenerate. Damage caused by this turret is significantly greater than the basic turret. Cloaked Turrets: Cloaked turrets are the most powerful turret in the game. These turrets remain invisible and only appear when a target is in range. These turrets shoot razor sharp discs from the Gata gun. Building turrets next to your MC is not recommended as a turret can be destroyed easier than the MC and any splash damage from a turret exploding will cause damage to the MC. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- More info @ Here's the download link again If your interested in becoming a more permant tester.. get on our forums let me know... So is anyone here interested in giving it a spin?
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