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Published by U.S.S. Speed 20 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
First, we are not dead, and the haven't been let alone. We are still ther and alive. For some raison, a lot of stuff is not working like we would like, and we are rebuilding the site. The background of the site (Part of what you don't see) in other word the system of the site (In PhP3) is under reconstruction for a better flexibility (sp?), and new feature. The design will be also remade. Some new feature like rating file by yourself will be implented. If you want a view of this, go to www.soffiles.com, the new system is already up there. Don't be shy to post your tought about the new feature and design. The second problem, more major this one, is that EFFiles.com has no SERIOUS mirror for now. We are in constant search for some. I will stop you right now, mirror like "www.100megs.com" is not what we need. We have close to 1 Gig of files on EFFiles.com and we need it not segmented. Also, the price of such mirroring is hard... Do we do some cash with this site? Nope... Nothing. If we get 5-10$ by mounth with those banner, it's really the top. But how does it cost to keep up this site? Let's me said you; A LOT! Bandwith is one of those major cash sucker. Good and fast mirroring is also not as free as we would like. And limited bandwith? If we go over some ammount of Gig per month it cost something like four bucks per more gig... In other word, we don't have so much cash. However, if you have some cash in your pocket, and you dunno what to do with it, Go Ahead, send some to us! What I try to say, is that we will re-lauch the site in 2 weeks (+-) and we are traying to find a good and fast mirror. (Maybe many... (Let's hope)) If you want to help us in ANYWAY, it would be fantastic... Or if you have any question, about this site or Elite Force, or anything : Just mail me : At My Mail I will try to answer everyone. Don't send me huge file, my mail box can't support that. And it will be one of the new feature! But I will keep some info for later. Let's just say that we are working on that, and we hope to have everything working soon. (For those who ask about the month we were down, it's cuz a "funny" guys hacked us. It's not soo funny, and we hope no one will do this in the futur. It's not really helpfull, and it's certenly pointless) ((Forgive me for my poor English. I do what I can.)) (((And for those who don't know, Pro-Filer is the owner of the site.)))
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