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Published by U.S.S. Speed 20 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Today I receive this mail : [quote]Hi,   Recently I've become concerned about the decline in Elite Force.  It's a great game, but people are starting to loose interest appearently and the result is alot of people who like the game get in a rut and also stop playing.  What I am trying to do to rekindle some interest in Elite Force is to ask everyone who enjoys the game to send an e-mail to the guys at Ravensoft on Tuesday 10/30/2001,  and let them know that "Yes, we like Elite Force and want to see more done for it."  I do ask that we try to keep the e-mails positive as the point of this is to basicly say "I break for Elite Force", and no one likes to get bashed about how bad you think something is.  The e-mail doesn't need to be long, just basicly "Hi, I really like this, this, and this about EF.  Blah, blah, blah.  Thanks for your time and consideration."  We will be sending our e-mails to [email protected]   Thanks;   The Doctor[/quote] Like you see, I think it's a good idea, and I will surely write this mail to Raven. They are currently a bit busy with Quake 4, Soldier Of Fortune 2 and Jedi Knight 2, but they said they won't have Elite Force support anymore. Let's them change this decision by showing them that we like Elite Force! Who know? Maybe a Elite Force 2 is an idea! Speed.
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