Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force
Capture The Flag

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All Files In This Category
Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Geothermal Station Updated Version Jeremy Statz 966KB 8,622
CTF_2Fort [AoG]Vortex 1.46MB 6,413
Circular Arena 2 Guest 3.71MB 2,359
CTF_Matrix001 CCC Kraken 1.96MB 1,452
Rampage [TE]Micro 409KB 674
Official CTF map Spyglass Raven Software 422KB 7,167
WTF? CTF Map Pak Berney Boy 1.97MB 2,472
CTF FaceOff Map Ghenghiz 1.65MB 12,424
WaterZone Map Jeff Kuecken 1.61MB 6,015
CTF_AND2 Guest 2.38MB 6,196
CTF_GUN1 Map J R Brewin 554KB 3,891
The Bunker Map Stukatto 872KB 4,862
CTF Powerbase Map Ghenghiz 2.87MB 7,025
Fortress Map Stukatto 757KB 4,311
Mouse Of Terror Benigroom 1.78MB 1,416
NoReturn Jeff Kuecken 546KB 2,253
DryDock Map Guest 914KB 2,538
Gamma Station Stukatto 912KB 3,918
Ambush Stukatto 1.56MB 5,635
Ship Guest 635KB 985
CTF The Hardest Way U.S.S. Speed 982KB 2,146
cbr1 Guest 181KB 1,486
CTF NEW Charlie's Angel 532KB 1,859
Red Sea Black Hawk 1.28MB 1,112
Red Sun Absynthe 1.67MB 1,690
Stargate Charlie's Angel 684KB 5,077
Fear Guest 1.16MB 2,024
CS CTF Mad_VEV 2.43MB 2,493
ctf_stukattamun Stukatto 3.1MB 2,240
Naz Rocket Guest 701KB 1,252
CTF Storm [SOD]Vacion 3.53MB 2,778
CTF Stronghold (FHE) Fox 1.07MB 1,763
CTF GateWay MART 1.6MB 5,296
Monorail Charlie's Angel 5.1MB 1,890
The Swamp of Traal - Fixed Empiricist 2.28MB 1,445
Theta Station Empiricist 665KB 2,819
CTF_Warrior [SEA]Vorax 2.38MB 741
Rooms Of Peril Mr. Greg 414KB 370
CTF USA Kevin Chapman 764KB 567
CTF Combat =JediKnight= 642KB 494
CTF DesFort Stukatto 1.65MB 1,330
CTF Asylum Stukatto 6.7MB 3,292
CTF Camelot Temporal-Incursion 3.03MB 1,480
CTF Red Sun 2 Absynthe 2.27MB 1,919
CTF RoofHopper Absynthe 2.04MB 1,914
CTF cbrmcr1 Guest 847KB 539
EpisodeWHAT Livingdeadjedi 7.47MB 5,602
Freeze Livingdeadjedi 4.2MB 1,758
Water Jail HazardRock 640KB 473
CTF Mas 1 Dreadnought 1.06MB 2,014