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Clans [gun] Clan Skin Pack

It is the skin of the clan . It hasn't any shader and the skin is quite desapointing. No new shader, using old Elite Force skin for the...


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Clans TMF Clan Skin

It is the clan skin of The Mortal Fist. Nothing impressive. The logo of the clan appear clearly. No shader. It is the base hazard suit whit...


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Clans [TBR] Clan Skin Pack

These are the Elite Force skins of our clan. The metal on there outfits have a shiny effect to them. All of the skins have Bot-files and new...


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Clans EF*Posse - EFP*Helmet Pak

This is a clan skin of The Elite Force Posse. It is basically a figure in the Hazard Suit with a large helmet shroulding his/her face. Th...


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Clans EF*Posse - EFP*Hazard Team Pak

A Skin Pak for the clan: The EF*Posse. The Pak consists of every member of the Hazard Team (Including the ones that weren't available bef...


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Clans EF*Posse - EFP*cmdr.mcniel

A clan skin for the EF*Posse EFP-Mcniel is a skin that was designed by one of the EFP members, EFP*cmdr.mcniel**. Because of that, it was...


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Clans EF*Posse - EFP*Captain Proton Pak

This is a clan skin pak for the EF*Posse. The model consists of all of the Captain Proton models from the EF Expansion Pack, and have had...


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Clans EF*Posse - EFP*VoyCrew

A skin Pak for the EF*Posse Clan. The pak generally consists of the nine main characters from Star Trek: Voyager but in an EFP style unif...


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Clans macpak

Skins used by the {MAC} clan.