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All Files In Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force Deathmatch
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Deathmatch Enterprise D Map

This map is basicly the Enterprise D. Though there are alot of bugs in this as the map was converted from Quake 2,to quake 3 then finally...


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Deathmatch Official CTF Maps And DM Map

Here are official CTF maps and DM map that have have been released by the mighty asskicking developers of Elite Force, Raven Software. It...


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Deathmatch Borg Unimatrix 210 Map

This is his first map for Voyager Elite Force. It uses the Borg texture set,with a fitting custom sky produced by himself with Imagine. I...


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Deathmatch Castle Of Death Map

Nice map this. The gothic style buildings is pretty cool. For those of you with Unreal, you will love this map.


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Deathmatch Padman Gallery Map

PadGallery is his first Map for Ravens Elite Force, it's a complete new version of my Q3A PadGallery map. In PadGallery you will find many...


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Deathmatch Meteor Map

It is an outdoor themed map for suited for 1 on 1 duelling.It's also large enough to be used as a small FFA map(6 players max). The custo...


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Deathmatch U.S.S. Grissom Preview Map

This is my first map (Assimilator) and i dont want you flaming me if it is not good!!! So far we have the CargoBay, 10 Forward a few cor...


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Deathmatch Deck 10 Voyager Map

Quite a stunning map. Quite big, with all sorts or nicies around the place. The Delta flyer very smart. 6-12 players.


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Deathmatch HM_Phasers Edge

This is a small compact map for 2 to 6 people. It's a dark map that will most definetly lead to great fun. Also has BOT support. Enjo...


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Deathmatch StarBase209 Map

A Medium sized map that is held on a starbase. The graphics look great on this map, and with these 2 big pillar things that are blue and...


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Deathmatch Varthus

Well this is a simple map of lyreals house. It has'nt got any textures and it kind of ugly but very fun to play on. It's not a pretty map bu...


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Deathmatch Cargo Duel

Cargo duel. Smallish map, but quite good fun.


Deathmatch Arena Map

A Very small map that has a main Arena in the middle of it and just a few corridoors surrounding it. Very fun to play on. Bot support in...


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Deathmatch Full Loop Map

A Good all round map, large and quite open. Spawning can be predictable at times, but a great map still. 10 players max Includes BOT...


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Deathmatch The Spires

A very open map, with this huge tower is a great place to sniper from! A blue ground is water, but dont get falling down there :p A ve...


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Deathmatch Pad Kitchen

Remember this map from Q3? Well if you dont, I suggest you get it :) A Brilliant map, with too much detail to mention. You have a kettl...


Deathmatch Warehouse

A strange map, with funny but smart sections. Hard to explain, so i suggest you get it and try it out. BOT Support.


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Deathmatch OutPostPack CTF Maps

Semi-large open air arena. Floating Outpost.Set in blending team colours.All the usual powerups and pickups. Be cautious of the basement!...


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Deathmatch Co-Base Map

This is a small Deathmatch map named "Cobase", his first map. Nice, smooth looking map. Some great positioned pickups, nice map. For...


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Deathmatch Alien Encounter Map

Ugly almost cruddy map. But really fun, a must get! :) 20 players Max. Also Carrys BOT Support.


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Deathmatch Sniper s Keep Map

Simple, ugly lookingbut Fun. A must get! :) 10 players Max. Also Carrys BOT Support.


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Deathmatch Omega Station Map

A DM, CTF & FFA map, plain and simple map and very small file size to. A must get! :) DM, CTF & FFA. 10 players Max. Also Carrys BOT...


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Deathmatch Omega Facility

The Omega Facilty Omega is a small map for Holomatch Deathmatch. Very clean and a very good map, I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars, and I reco...


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Deathmatch DM Chaos

A deathmatch map using 9 rooms connected by many corridor. This map have some problem of texture in the center of each piece (Not the middle...