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Models Bobafett

Model Name: Bobafett 2.0 We have fixed a few...


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Models Johnny Bravo STVEF Model/Skin

A Johnny Bravo Model/Skin pack conversion from Q3 Arena to Elite Force.


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Models Starship Troopers

Conversion from Q3 to Elite Force by Richard Owen.


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Models Raziel

converted model from Quake 3


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Models Snowrock

(no readme)


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Models Deep Deep Space

v3mike3 ist eine kleine Spacemapfr 2-4 Spieler


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January 5, 2001 Rand from Robotech for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Created by Richard Owen ...


Models New Hand Models

model. This was made a long long time ago, for a single player mod that never got to be so this is released as-is. Enjoy


Models Avatar-Addon for B'Elanna's Grayskins

This adds the correct animations and sounds to the avatarskin by B'Elanna Torres. Just type "/model avatar/avatar2/default" to your console...


Models Ship Skin Pack

along with a 'space' map for players to fly around and shoot each other on.This is a nice conversion of skins that many have wanted for some...


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Celebrities Angela

This is Angela from the Spawn Comic Book. It has new sounds,ctf skins,& bot support.


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Celebrities Horny

Converted to Elite Force from Quake 3. Alot of you will know this pretty beast, it's Horny from Dungeon Keeper. Then was made for Q3....


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Celebrities Padman Model

Hey remember this guy?? HEY IT'S PADMAN!! This wonderfull beast has come to EF and wants to frag you butts, so my best guess is to downlo...


Celebrities Alien Model

Remember tha ugly looking thing from the Alien films? Well this is it. A very cool model and skin, that has to be one of my favs! Incl...


Celebrities Homer Model

Anyone else would think this model is'nt very good, but trust me homer's head is shapped like that :), lol!! Cracking model, lets just ho...


Celebrities Bobafett Model

An excellent model of Bobafett from star wars. Slick tasty model and has a certain depth to it. It has full team/colour support and als...


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Celebrities Daurth Maul

This model poorly made is the first one of Rogue One. So, we all know that the first can be worst than the second, the third, etc... So, th...


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Celebrities Aeon Flux

Aeon Flux from MTV's Liquid Televison show. This Quake3 conversion has 3 skins and 5 bots. Full Team Colour & BOT support.


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Celebrities Catwoman Model

A new Quake 3 conversion for Elite Force. This new model has full team colour & bot support.


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Celebrities Ben Model

Ben from Full Throttle. Full Team Colour & BOT Support.


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Celebrities Raziel

Owen had done it again. He converts a Q3A model into a EF models. He's far away to stop, seeing the big batch of preview that he send... So,...


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Celebrities Ash

Owen did it again. Now he converted Ash from the Evil Dead movie trilogy. The original developper was Luis "MOOKY" Avila [email protected]


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Celebrities Abe

Original author : Jmz "SlamminBeers' Mestemaker It is the model of Abe from the game Odd World. It is a great model from Q3 converted by Ow...


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Celebrities The Grinch

This is an authorized covertion of a Quake 3 model. The original author: Model: Mike and Bill Jukes Skin: Arco "Matt Ferguson" This is...