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Others Spanky

Another great model fromm owens house of models and its got to be one of my favorites, plus its has a very nice taunt. He comes with team-...


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Others Rayman

Funny looking model but very well done. It will sure be one file worth adding to your ef files collection. Note: Creativity: 7 Qualit...


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Others Attorney

This is a model of a seller. This is a great model, well made. This is a Q3 convertion by the officiel converter ; Owen. Yup, he is still al...


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Others Flex

This is a Q3 convertion. This is a good model with a great skin, nothing special. BOT/CTF Support.


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Others Gaben

Q3 convertion. This is a kind of viking. Nice textures, but more work could have be done on the model. CTF/BOT Support.


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Others Jazz

An other Q3 model convertion. It's a kind of robot "transformer". No shader. Nothing special, model and skin would need a lot more work....


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Others LoneWolf

An other Q3 convertion. It's a kind of Borg-i-fied wolf. Great model with good skin. Nothing special. CTF/BOT Support.


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Others EFSP Marine

Q3 convertion. This is a real good model with a great skin. It's a kind of Marine/Warrior/Robot. CTF/BOT Support.


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Others Mantis

Q3 convertion. This is a kind of hunter. Nice skin, but more work could have been done. CTF/BOT Support.


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Others Mr. Bunny

Q3 Convertion This is a big rabbit. Funny model/skin, it's really well made. Need to be download! :) CTF/BOT Support


Others Dalek

Another of Worf55's skins. This one is a model of a Dalek from Dr. Who. It has been very well modelled. It comes with team colours and even...


Others Arachnatron

Arachnatron is like a mechanical spider with a living brain on top. Some very nice model and skin work, and love the brain animations :D I...


Others Lt. Kulhane

Okay, since this is a file of my own creation, I won't give it any rating or offer any opinions on it's technical aspects. :) Okay... t...


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Others Taz

A really cool tazmanian devil model. This was very cool, and nicely done. The model was originally made by Timothy Oliver for Quake3, and Sn...


Others Arachnatron

This is an updated version of Eric's previous release of the Arachnatron conversion, this time the shaders have been fixed, and the model n...


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Others Bug

Here is a conversion of the Q3 model Bug from the movie Starship Troopers. This is an extremely detailed model, which will tax some lower en...


Others ED-209

Heres RoboCop's best buddy, ED-209. Hes faster, stronger, and smarter than RoboCop, but he has one weakness: stairs. Original Creator...


Others Dragon Knight

Here is a Q3 conversion of the Dragon Model, done by Michael "Magarnigal" Mellor. This is a HUGE model, requiring at least a hunkmeg alloc...


Others Hydralisk

Heres a Hydralisk from that awesome game Starcraft, which we all know and love. Its just about the best adaptation you can do for the Q3 are...


Others Lady Death

Here is the Lady Death model, converted from Q3, and based on the comic book character Lady Death. I've added sounds which the original did...


Others Gork

Heres a conversion of the Orc god, Gork, from Q3. It comes with 2 different characters, Gork, and Goar, which is a bloodier version of Gork....


Others Oni Link

Here is an adaptation of that badass version of Link also known as Fierce Dieity Link you can get in the game Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mas...


Others Samus Aran

This is v2.0 of the Samus model, with completely redone skin, and now it looks just about perfect. Ive added some sounds to the model (mainl...


Others Fang

This is a Q3 conversion of a T-Rex model by Paul Hassett. Its not as big as a real T-Rex, for obvious reasons, but its still intimidating. I...