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Others LCars screensaver Ft. Elite Force

This is an LCars screensaver featuring Elite Force. Created by JNorris, from the Dark Project. View the readme for instructions on how to us...


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Others Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Guide

A Complete guide to ever single Weapon,Map,Levels etc etc Weapon Tactics Complete Walk-through Holomatch Strategies Cheat Codes Get...


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Others Elite Force Windows Theme

Just got this is my mail box. Its an Elite Force Windows Theme. Some wicked borg sounds and pics. I think you will enjoy this.


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Others SG15 Screensaver

SG15 have released a promotional screensaver for their clan. It introduces the clan and its leaders, all by the music of Linkin Park. Pretty...


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Others Matrix jump program saves

3 saves (there mabye a 4th from Escape Route just ignore it)from the Matrix Jump Program were you fall in different ways. ...


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Others Enterprise series promo

Well, it's a powerpoint animation. In my opinion it's the most stupid promo I've ever seen. It's a "enterprise" dropping out of warp, firein...


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Others Munro's Adventures LYRICS

Hi! It's me (startrekeliteteam), and boy, have I got a surprise. These are the lyrics to "Jonathon"s MUNRO ADVENTURES PART 1. This i...


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Others Starfleet Tournament Mod Preview

This is a collection of preview images of some of the bots, weapons, and maps included in the upcoming Starfleet Tournament mod for Elite Fo...


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Others RPG-X Teaser

Here is a teaser for the upcoming RPG-X mod.


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Others RPG-X Teaser 2

The second little teaser to the upcoming and highly aticipated mod...


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Others RPG-X Teaser 3

Another teaser to the upcoming RPG-X mod. For this one you need 7-zip to decompress the file (, its only a small downlo...


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Others RPG-X, A Mod In Development

If you want some laughs I would recommend downloading this. It contains 5 movies and 51 pictures all from RPG-X's development.


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Others USS Yager E - Features Read Me

This is a readme showing you the features of the USS Yager E Map. It is a pdf so you will need Adobe Reader to open it.


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Others Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond is a POTD series I started to make fun of elements in Star Trek. It first started out with random ideas, with the "pilot" e...


Others Proton Mod Screenshots 3

Here we have a screenshots pack taken from "The Catvixens of Venus", the third episode of Laz Rojas' upcoming Captain Proton Mod for...