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Sounds Door Sound 13

This is a small mod for modder that show you how to change the default door sound. There is a .bat file inside to help.


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Sounds Voyager Intro MOD

This mod puts the Voyager theme song on the opening credits replacing the Elite Force theme song. The sound is matched perfectly but some...


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Sounds Captain BOS' Sound Patch

This is a simple sound replacement that replaces the standard Tricorder and Transporter sounds with the ones from the televised Voyager seri...


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Sounds TOS Transporters

A cool mod that will replace the standard Beam In and Beam Out sound with TOS ones. Be sure to read the readme, as you have a choice as...


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Sounds Voyager Credits Mod

Last September saw the release of the Voyager Intro Mod, but the video quality was really bad. Well, Dobber has done it again, this time wit...


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Sounds RP Taunts

Phew, another EF project out of the way as EF2 approaches. Those taunts in Holomatch really annoy me, especially when I'm on the Elite Role...


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Sounds Serenity B Sound mod/patch/fix

Here it is on many requests. Mr T gave me permission to post it. I won't rate it since I made it myself, but the sounds are now much better...


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Sounds MeWho mod

This is a sw33t mod! Normally I am not all to happy with sound mods cause they are ripped badly and don't sound right. But this one does. It...


Sounds MeWho Mod

This version is an addon to the previous 1.8 version, therefore you will need that one for the 'full effect'. In 1.8, the mod basically c...


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Sounds TeamHitQuiet

In this case, I think the readme describes this file the best: A simple file not worth rating... Made available to those in the EF comm...